Terms of Use: nessmarket.com Signature Ty Mesh

Terms of Use: nessmarket.com Signature Ty Mesh

We are introducing our new 100% original mesh sub-brand: Signature TY Mesh. The models are experimental, so please purchase a demo first before buying the complete product to try the fit. You can and may have to use your Toddleedoo Alpha HUD with this mesh to have a nice fit. Clothing is fitted and rigged to the respective mesh body (Baby and / or Kid please always read the description and photo information). No refunds can be given on full permission items.

When you purchase the Demo and the full product you agree to the terms of use as stated below:

Terms of use:

1. Even if you have purchased the DAE, your mesh models can only be used in Second Life.

2. You can not sell this mesh and included parts with full permissions. Either copy or transfer must be checked off.

3. You can sell / gift the product without full permissions with the included textures or modifications of the textures we provide.

4. When you sell your end product, you can choose the price you sell it at, however we highly recommend not dropping the price below 50 L$ for transfer and 99 L$ for copy products.

5. You cannot sell our mesh as builders kits, meaning you can not sell our AO and UV maps and our mesh full perm. You can not sell our materials maps or textures maps either, unless they are inside the mesh model and part of your end-product.

6. Only the avatar purchasing this product acquires the license to use this product personally or commercially.

7. You can use our mesh products for hunts, group gifts, MM, lucky prizes, gacha. However, as mentioned above they can never be with full permissions.

8. If you purchase the DAE and modify, you can sell your modified creation. However, you cannot sell it with full permissions.

9. This item can be sold full permissions only from Nessija Resident (nessmarket.com official store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/169823 ) and purchased only from Nessija Resident. Buying this item from an unauthorized seller will lead to DMCA/Copyright infringment for the seller and buyer.

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