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You can rent the space in the sidebar of this website for 980 L$ per week or 3900 L$ per month. Become our official sponsor and benefit from traffic!

  1. First contact Nessija Resident.
  2. Send her a notecard with your resident name, store name, URL you wish to have advertised, and a photo of your store logo. Or send everything per email to [email protected]
  3. Wait for Nessija to set up your ad. The Rent This Space ad on the website will show your logo and lead customers to your store / website upon click. Please pay the fee only after you see the ad of yours appear on

People can then click on your sidebar ad and teleport directly to your location or open your website. Attention please: as this is a PG blog the AD photo can not be Adult. However, we do not mind if your location is adult, as long as it has no explicit sexual content.

You can advertise your event, your store, your club, your sim, your blog / website, your social media, your hunt, your designer / blogger searches, your rentals office, your marketplace and more. If you have a different inquiry than the ones mentioned please speak with Nessija Resident.

Updated 11th June 2017

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