For New Second Life Avatars

New SL Avatars

For New Second Life Avatars – How to get freebies from this blog:

  • Every picture on the main site represents a post. On the picture it says: free group gift or subscriber gift or vip gift or other information in a yellow bar. Pick a post that you like.
  • Inside the post is a description and a picture of the product. Use the landmark to travel in Second Life to the product of the post, the landmark is your taxi. Your SL viewer must be running to do this.

For a free group gift, you must join the group of the store to take it. The group is free to join. Please notice, that I inform you of that in each post.

For a subscriber gift, you must subscribe and once you have been confirmed you will receive the gift. Watch your chat window and the items you receive when doing that.

For a dollarbie you must pay 1 Linden.

Featured products are priced. Sales and offers are priced too, but discounted.

VIP group gifts have a group that has a sign up fee. They are not free, this is why I call them VIP gifts here.

Non group freebies are just there to be bought for 0 Linden without a group tag. Click and buy for free.

New SL Avatars
New SL Avatars

For New Second Life Avatars

The blog has a search bar where you can look for something specific. For example, type in “hair” and the blog will show you only hair. Or in the sidebar at the bottom you can choose what you want to see.

The older the post, the less likely the gift is still there. So keep up with the posts and it is recommended to take all that is free with you, to combine outfits and looks.

So, find a post that you like, use the landmark, get your freebie, and then go to a sandbox to unpack it or wear it. Here is a sandbox or you can search SL for another public sandbox. Remember to save your created outfit.


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