Second Life – Full Perm Dollarbie

Full Perm Dollarbie
Full Perm Dollarbie

Second Life – Full Perm Dollarbie

Mesh ankle boots for slink high feet, Second Life – Full Perm Dollarbie from Elven Elder. This item is available on marketplace for 1 Linden. Please read the terms if you intend to use a full permissions item for your shop!


Second Life - Full Perm Dollarbie
Full Perm Dollarbie


Link to the Dollarbie boots



!EE: Terms of use.

1- None of my items can be given as freebie under any condition

2- My items can not be sold as fashion kit or builder’s kit (the way I sell it) under any condition (in Second Life or on .

3- Your product must be an end product. It shouldn’t enable or encourage your buyers to re-create them. That involves not giving away UV maps, shadow maps, sculpt maps or any other materials separately.

4- Any thing that come in the folder (textures, maps, uv etc.) can be USED for creating your own textures, My textures and maps can not be SOLD separately “as is” or “applied” other than using in mix and match.

5- The price can not be any less then 150 Lindens of your final product.

6- One item can be licensed to only one avatar. Buying one item and transferring it to your alt avatars or colleagues is not allowed.

7- I reserve the right to refuse to sell license for my products to individuals when/if necessary.

* (You can sell the product with my textures applied but not in any case having my textures as template in your end product folder. Do not sell or trade or gift templates as textures of mine applied according to my UVmaps.)

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