Free Daily Gadgets and Animations

Free Daily Gadgets and Animations
Free Gadgets and Animations

Free Daily Gadgets and Animations

Abranimations is giving away a different item every day. You must come in daily for your daily gift, which is only available for free on the current date. Today’s gift is a Santa Sleight with a Jousting Game.

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Free Daily Gadgets and Animations
Free Gadgets and Animations

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Abranimations since 2004 – Motion capture animations & toy, gadget and avatar store. We sell mocap dance animations, AOs, animation overriders, Couples HUDs, Solo Dance Animations, Pole Dances, Couples Dances, Overiders, Slow Dance and much more!


Information on today’s gift:

Santa Sleight With Jousting Game

To use this sleigh vehicle drop it on the ground and sit on it. Use the arrow keys to control your sleights forward, backward and turning motion. To fly up and fly down use the page up/page down keys.

Touching the sleigh will display a menu that allows you to turn joust mode on/off

How To Joust…
When Joust mode is turned on, you will see a jousting pole appear in front of your avatar. The pole starts of green and will slowly turn red when you are hit by another player. When it is completely red you will be dismounted. To score a point you should drive into other players with your sleight at a higher level to theirs (ie. fly up above them and hit them from above). This will cause you to score a point.

When you are dismounted a present will appear. If a player ‘jousts’ this present it will restore their health to full.

This is a fun game best played with lots of people. It is based off the classic old 8 bit video game ‘Joust’

Have Fun!

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