Second Life: Affordable Shoutcast Servers

Second Life: Affordable Shoutcast Servers
Second Life: Affordable Shoutcast Servers

Second Life: Affordable Shoutcast Servers

I was recently asked, if I could recommend a Shoutcast server rental place with affordable prices to people who would like to deejay in SL. Streamhood servers are a good start, because the prices are very low (128 kbps, 100 listeners, 25 L$ per week). Of course, you can later switch to a 192 kbps server, but these ones here are a great place to start. Most rental boxes already have tenants, because the place is quite popular, but you can always keep looking for an empty one to rent. Zoom into the box to see the price and the listener capacity. It is possible to only rent it for a week to test it and to renew your subscription along the way. But if your rental contract runs out, you will have to find a new empty box again!

Price: 25 L$ / week (100 listeners) – Newsfeed:

Second Life: Affordable Shoutcast Servers
Second Life: Affordable Shoutcast Servers

Location: StreamHood SHOUTcast Servers – L$25 Per Week 100 Listeners , Luscious Kisses (206, 37, 21) – Moderate. Highest Quality SHOUTcast & Icecast streams affordable for everybody! Only L$ 25 per week for 100 listeners / 128kbps Unlimited Bandwidth. Support for Stream, Winamp DSP, Sam Broadcaster, IDJC, BUTT, Mixxx, Virtual DJ, Centova Cast, WHMSonic.


Message from StreamHood:

Hello and Welcome to StreamHood SHOUTcast Servers. We have put together a short notecard of our most asked questions from new visitors and customers.

Q: Why are the walls all different colors? What does that mean?

A: Basically different parts of our store is colored uniquely so you remember where your rental box is when it’s time to renew. We ask that you please land mark the area in front of your rental box for extra peace of mind.

Q: why are your servers so cheap? (we prefer the term affordable) šŸ™‚

A: We own and maintain our servers in high speed Data Centers in East and West Coast USA, Europe, and Australia. This means we don’t pay costly monthly server rental bills or hire technicians if something breaks, it’s fixed instantly because we don’t have to wait on any 3rd party reseller to fix an issue with our server.

Q: I just rented a stream and it’s not working!

A: Sometimes this happens and it’s usually a small error in your broadcaster configuration. Make sure there are no spaces between the server IP and port in your broadcaster that could be causing this. If you have checked it over and it’s still not working, please IM a staff member at our store and we will sort it ASAP.

About StreamHood.
I am a full time Classroom Facilitator with 30+ years experience in Radio broadcasting. My courses include Streaming Server Administration, Business in Radio, APRA/AMCOS Music licensing, Studio Management & Studio Design. The advanced course we run in real life also includes RF Band Broadcasting, Home brew FM Transmitters and RF Electronics. Our Radio Administration course is Tafe accredited in Australasia. This is more than work for us, it’s a passion!

Adding more as we go.. 21/07/15


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