Dae White Outfit And Mix Match Gifts

Dae White Outfit And Mix Match Gifts

Dae White Outfit And Mix Match Gifts

This blog post is meant to show what you can create, when you collect freebies and gifts for a while and combine them into whatever your fantasy demands. Except the hair (which was on sale from Exile), everything else is or was free. The pants, shoulder pads and the top are a free outfit available on the new lucky letter boards of the B.Boutique NOW (no group required). You can go get this outfit and two more for free, the landmark is under the photo. I am also wearing past gifts from Tentacio (snow horns), [CX] (ice horns), theSkinnery (Snow queen makeup), Persefona (sparkles on face and the flowers wreath Solarisel) and the globe I am holding is Paradis de neige from [CIRCA]. Try it yourself, check your inventory for all your gifts and start combining. The outfit was not meant for RP, but now it just is. You would never know it was all free!

Dae White Outfit And Mix Match Gifts
Dae White Outfit And Mix Match Gifts

[Landmark For The Lucky Letters Outfit]

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  1. I should pay more attention to my inventory. I have been following you for two years now. Is it safe to assume, that I have everything you posted in my bags? Except for the outfit, which I must get. I had not noticed, that getting all the free stuff has this kind of a result. Looooooooove. Please let me know okay?

    • Oh 2 years are more than enough 🙂 You should have everything, if you followed the posts, since December 2015. And yes, you must win the outfit first 🙂

  2. I die a little inside every time you combine the gifts LOL my combos look aweful compared to yours

  3. sweetness thank you big time for posting something chilly cuz every1 goes on and on about summer pics and swimsuits. gets kinda boring

  4. Thank you all for your comments – can’t stop smiling 🙂 Don’t be shy if you want to comment on anything at all, just do that. I don’t bite! In fact, I need your comments and feedback 🙂

  5. Yeah shoot me if I can put an outfit like this together. My imagination is a killer rofl.

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