Free Mesh Body Prize January 25 Only

Free Mesh Body Prize January 25 Only
Free Mesh Body Prize January 25 Only

Free Mesh Body Prize January 25 Only

Ladies, the Lucybody is here. The mesh body is available today on Mania for group members (board resets and stars again when full). The prize is the complete mesh Lucybody with Slink compatible feet (bare, mid, high feet), a complete alpha HUD and three poses for the hands. After today it will be sold for 3000 Linden. Join the group and slap that board quickly!

Group: Free to join Lucyshoes

Free Mesh Body Prize January 25 Only
Free Mesh Body Prize January 25 Only

Location: LUCYSHOES / LUCYBODY, Fashion (148, 200, 36) – Moderate


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  1. Thank you!! I don’t have a mesh body yet. So cool!! Would it be bad to bring my alt to the board? Or is it okay?

  2. if you think about it just the fact that it has slink feet all three in the box it is so worth it coz they are 600 each i reckon. now all three are basically indirectly free with this. i just own the high ones. now i can wear all three shoe kinds. this gift is smashin wohoooo saved me hundred of lindens. much appreciated gift truly.

  3. Hi Ladies. Quick question. I am using the Genesis head. Alternatively Catya Bento from Catwa. Do they work with Lucy? Has anybody tried that?

  4. If you want to bring in your alts for a mesh body today is definitely a great chance. You can always add your name to MM prize lists with several avatars. I am looking forward to creators making skins. I think this body needs a more realistic ones. Hopefully Glam Affair *smiles*

  5. You mention that the body is compatible with Slink. I have added my hud and I see that I can select hands and feet. But can I wear my actual Slink hands or feet with this body? I find my elegant hands prettier to be honest. Could somebody help me with that?

    • Yes, select “no feet” or “no hands” from the Lucybody HUD. Then add your hands and feet with ankle blenders just like you did with your previous body.

  6. I was just reading a couple of chats. May I just say how upsetting I find some of the nagging thats going on. The body is not perfect esp wout omega compatibility. But it is free. It is unbelievably generous from lucy to put that out for free. Be greatful. Nobody said you have to pay 3000L for it. Just go in today and add your name to the board. Some people are incredibly spoiled to such a rude point. Its aweful to read how generosity correlates with arrogance. You dont like it? No problem. Everyone has aright to like all sorts of different things. Afer all this is a matter of taste. But it is so low to actively and perpetually drag on a reputational war against somebody who gives you their several hours days months of work for free. Just wanted to have this said. I see many happy faces too who appreciate the generosity. When one day developers start making skins and clothes one will regret not having this. There is room for improvement. But that is what developing is for after all. Cheers girls.

  7. Uhmm like you mentioned in your comment it is not perfect. Naturally people respond to the imperfections. The skin is a problem for me tbh. I do not think it is worth 3000 dollars when compared to Physique which I believe sells for around 1200. But as a freebie I am more than happy to have it. Wouldnt miss it and shared the post to a bunch of my social contacts. If you think about it nobody has given away a mesh body for free before (as far as I know). Some rumors were mentioned. But nobody ever came through on that. Except Lucyshoes.

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