Lively Floral Denim Gift Seamless Fabric Textures

Lively Floral Denim Gift Seamless Fabric Textures
Lively Floral Denim Gift Seamless Fabric Textures

Lively Floral Denim Gift Seamless Fabric Textures

It is time for a marketplace gift for designers once again. I have just released the lively floral denim fabrics set. The colorful denim print textures are now available as a dollarbie. This was a custom request by a designer and can now be purchased on marketplace. The textures are full permissions. Feel free to modify them for your creations. Thank you all for your purchases!

Lively Floral Denim Gift Seamless Fabric Textures
Lively Floral Denim Gift Seamless Fabric Textures


FAQ from customers & answers:

Q: “I want to make a dress with your textures. Can I then give away the dress as a group gift, MM prize, hunt gift etc?”

A: As long as the textures are incorporated in your designs, you can do that. Just don’t resell the standalone textures. Only can do that. Your resulting design can not be full perm. If you wish to design full perm models with these textures and incorporate the textures please contact Nessija Resident.”

Q: “Some mesh model designers expect products to be sold at a certain price range. Do you have any rules for that?”

A: No. You choose your prices concerning designs resulting from fabrics.

Q: “Can I use your textures for anything other than clothing? For example denim for furniture or houses or as wallpaper, even if that is not specified?”

A: You can use them for any sort of application you like.

Q: “Can I give your textures to my friends?”

A: No. The person who purchases the product is the sole owner of the standalone textures. You can purchase them for your friends, marketplace has a function for that. But you cannot pass them on for free. I need to have the proper transaction log with your name, to protect the designs. Please be respectful with my terms as several hours of work go into these creations.

Q: “How can I use the textures and retain their best quality in my Photoshop?”

A: The textures are made with vectors which is like geometry on an empty surface. They scale best at 25% or 5% pattern size steps on your maps. Add the pattern for example with multiply and set the scaling to 100% 75% 50% 25% etc to keep the quality clean. You can change colors, but of course I can only guarantee for clean colors and shading on the originals of the original purchase order.

Q: “How many new releases do you have on marketplace?”

A: That depends on sales. A category that sells is moving up rank on my production. Just like everybody else does, nessmarket also responds to customer statistics. Can’t tell you an exact number of packs produced per week, because that highly depends on what it is. For example Maitreya nails take me several hours to make, because a lot of detail goes into the single design.

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  1. Really happy you are making denim. I was totally waiting on that. Your leather is so gorg also. I have several pants to make. My curiosity….. I tried some on boots too they look amazing…. WTG Thanks for not making me poor lol. Good prices. I need to buy lots for making huds. I sent you a notecard from my friend. Hope you see it. Hopefully you can make her (Elise) the fabrics. By the way… I tried commenting earlier. Got some error. It is fine now tho.

  2. Easily best denim textures on mp, same for leather. So sick of seeing people still selling 512-512 textures. So blurry. It’s 2017 FGS. Please continue with your work. For once somebody is making actual textures. I would pay more even. The wood was great too.

  3. Add: One more thing. You don’t promise something in your pictures that is not in the box. Thank you for not cheating your way around mp like so many others so. I am sick of purchasing stuff that looks great on the ad and then absolutely useless in PS. This happens so often. So many wasted lindens. Your work is honest. I don’t know how you do it, how you make them look so clean, but I love it. Please continue. Okay enough from me – for now. Have a good night.

  4. This sounds very familiar…. I have to say I have had some bad buys myself. Possibly the problem is market though. I noticed that it sorts things by relevance in this really awkward way. The relevance settings could not possibly be about popularity or quality for that matter. How does marketplace do the relevant rankings anyway? I found your textures when I bought the new year gift. I have been happy ever since. I used to shop somewhere else… big store. But not quite what I was looking for. Too vintage… too mainstream… Besides market has so many packs for builders. Barely any decent fabrics. Finding you was not easy. I knew your blog, but not your store. Is it new? Ty so much for your work. I am sticking with your fabric.

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