Cupid Says Love Is In The Air

Cupid Says Love Is In The Air
Cupid Says Love Is In The Air

Cupid Says Love Is In The Air

Cupid Says: I <3 Shoes! Funny hint, as the entire store is all about shoes 😀 The shoes shown on the photo are the current hunt prize from Slipper for the “Love is in the Air” hunt. Attention: this hunt has certain requirements, for example: you have to wear the magic glasses to find the prizes. You can pick those up in the Slipper store as well, if you click on the hunt poster. Read below the landmark for more info. Happy hunting!

Location: Slipper Originals, Business District Echo (144, 107, 23) – Moderate. Beautiful quality Original Mesh and Appliers for female avatars. Slipper = 100% original content with 100% attention to detail and Customer Satisfaction.


Cupid Says Love Is In The Air
Cupid Says Love Is In The Air

[Hunt Info]

February 1 – March 1


1. LOOK at the list of the locations (SLURL) @:
(Join the ‘Moolto Sisters HUNT’ group on to keep yourself updated!)

(paste on the chat that link and click on it – then hit JOIN). Ensure that you wear the tag throughout all the Hunt to receive your gifts.

3) You MUST wear the MOOLTO MAGIC GLASSES to collect your gifts. Keep them throughout the entire Hunt, because without them you won’t be able to SEE your gift!

If you don’t have a copy of the Moolto MAGIC Glasses pick them & the latest Outfit here


From any ‘’ Kiosks inworld
(there should be one at the landing point of each sim)

4) Go through all the locations with the tag on your head and wearing the glasses. When you receive the gift… you will receive a notecard with a hint in it with where the next HUNT BOX on the hunt trail will be.

You have 1 full month to complete all locations! Don’t forget to invite your friends to join or to tell your favorite designer to join as a stop on the hunt!!

Cupid Says Love Is In The Air
Cupid Says Love Is In The Air



We all like GIFTS for nothing don’t we? Well continuously strives to add value for our friends at Moolto and our latest endeavour takes the form of a Hunt!

For the full list of locations for the hunt [email protected]

If you want to participate as a Sponsor look @ STAFF

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