Creators Info: How to directly texture mesh

Creators Info: How to directly texture mesh

You purchased a set of fabrics and you wish to use it on the mesh. Here is how. Note: This tutorial is for the Nessmarket store fabrics, other creators may have different ways of creating.

I am on Firestorm. Right click and edit the mesh (in this case dress). It can be worn or rezed out. Go to texture. Make sure Texture (diffuse) is selected. You can now drag and drop any fabric from your inventory into the texture window. Or you can click on the texture window and manually look for something in your inventory.

My textures are all already including fabric, so you can use them straight in mesh clothing, furniture or anything in SL. You are not required to use Photoshop / Gimp etc to use my fabrics.

If you want to change the sizing of the texture of course you can do that ! The textures are created on high resolution to allow for such changes without going badly on you. How to resize , for example make the pattern smaller. See I chose a big pattern. But say I want the lines to be really slim. In my texture edit mode I can change Horizontal and vertical scale. That will resize my pattern. I just use the up and down arrows until my pattern is fitted the way I like it. Done!

If a textures set is seamless you will have no problems doing this. It will simply add the fabric tiles next to each to create a single look. So you can go any scale you want. This is without using any Photoshop or Gimp.

Attention please: this post is only for my fabric textures. I cannot guarantee it would work with others.

My fabrics are sold here:

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