Behind The Nessmarket Scenes: Your Store Promotion


Newsletter Behind The Nessmarket Scenes Series Part I: Your Store Promotion

We are having and have been having several requests from blog visitors, to give you a bit of insight in what we do here. For this purpose we will be publishing a small and hopefully interesting article series for you to read. Think of it like the nessmarket “behind the scenes” edition with lots of info for residents and business owners.

First of all, the author of the “behind the scenes” series will be alternating between myself (Nessija Resident) and my staff. This time I will be writing the first publication. The boss chick has to do the first step, because the chickies are too shy to do so just yet!

Many store owners ask us for help with their stores. Setting up a store seems to be the hard part at first, and then all of the sudden the promotional part comes in. Many store owners invest tons of money to set up and by the time they get to promotion, they are stuck. Left without promotional strategies, the stores are forced to close after a few months. This is a sad event and totally unneccessary.

We will therefore try to give you a bit of advice and a few hints on how to set up your store marketing campaign, before opening your doors to the public. We don’t know everything, but we do know business. Among other skills, I am a clinical psychologist and a digital marketing manager myself, Baeziala is a PR manager, Bivvia specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for websites and tele-optic photography. Just to show you a few examples about our staff group. We are a highly educated bunch and we have no hesitation to share our knowledge with you all.

Usually residents start by renting a space to build their store on. Then they proceed to buying a building and then to designing their products. If you start this way, you already throw yourself into a world of debt. Because quite frankly, until you have produced a line of products, you will need time. In that time your expenses, such as your rent, are already running, which is utterly unneccessary. Better to hold on to your cash for a while longer and put it to use actively, without allowing your ressources to be drained passively.


Consider starting your business this way: Design a product line (use a public sandox is worst case scenario) or rent a cheap sky space to begin building stuff. If you are going for clothing make sure you create: at least 10 fitmesh designs, at least 10 mesh body compatible designs. Have everything boxed and ready to sell. Why am I telling you to basically pre-build stuff? Because once your store opens its gates you will need to turn to popular groups for your marketing, such as Fitmesh Fanatics and MGSN. Their requirements are among other things for you to actually have created something to show them.

Next: set up your marketplace store first, to start making profit. This is what should pay all or part of your inworld shop rent.

So once you have a small collection and your store, you can search for a space. It should:

  1. Not be adult rated unless absolutely neccessary
  2. Not exceed 1 L$ per 1 Prim price rent as a start-up
  3. Be a reliable rental, so you won’t have to move your store again and again (yes customers do not like that, you loose them).
  4. Not exceed 650 L$ rent a week, as more will be tough expenses to cover as a start-up business

Preferably, you will start earning Linden dollars over marketplace first and then rent an inworld store. But that is up to you.

Once you have set up your store and your vendors are ready to sell, you think you have covered most of the work. No, your work has in fact just begun. So what’s next? Get some promotional opportunities. For short time intense traffic inworld groups, for long-term over time traffic and customer loyalty bloggers. You can find bloggers all over Flickr or you can message the ones that are listed in our blog roll and check out their work. Or in your G+ group you will find bloggers for your store

Join the following groups and read their info on how to become one of their designers:

~ Fitmesh Fanatics ~

! Mesh Avatar Appearance Maniacs !

..::Mesh Body Friends::..

:: The Weekly Limited ::

Fabulously Free in SL

Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News

MLM Free&Offers

SL frees & offers

THIRD LIFE [ Frees, Gifts & Hunts ]

They have requirements. Read the requirements and check if there is a fee to be a designer and their rules!!! There are many more of course. These here are just suggestions. Adhere to the rules and send out your notices.

To sum up, this is just a little kick start for new store owners or for residents who wish to open a store. As mentioned, this post is part of a series of articles that will be published regularly, assuming you like them and they achieve page views of course. We will touch upon various topics concerning residents, business owners, design techniques (such as photoshop) and basically anything we can think of. Would you like us to write about something that is on your mind? Leave me a notecard with your suggestion.


Yours, Nessija Resident

Behind The Nessmarket Scenes: Your Store Promotion

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