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Newsletter Behind The Nessmarket Scenes Series Part II: Store Promotion

Social Media Marketing

Hello again! This is Nessija Resident speaking to you about a very popular question store owners have: is social media marketing neccessary to promote my store? Or will the inworld advertisements suffice?

The short answer is: of course you have to advertise in social media. The more exposure you can get for your store the better. Do not underestimate social media. They are powerful! Many believe that they are not as successful with SL, because the residents tend to arrive on their own time, like with blog posts. They don’t all rush in at once, like for example with a group notice. But if you manage to awaken the customer’s interest with your social media promotion, he / she may in fact look around in your store and not just drop by for your gift and leave. Unfortunately, that is a side-effect of inworld marketing. So do your social media promotion to counteract the side effects of the inworld groups and to acquire loyal customers.

Social media promotion is not spamming in various groups. People do not love that! Show them something once, not over and over again. Doing the same thing repeatedly is considered as spam and counteracts your marketing attempts. When you post, make sure you are actually posting news.

Where to post? I am ranking the social media here by relevance to Second Life traffic:

  1. Flickr
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Tumblr
  5. Pinterest
  6. Blogger / G+
  7. Plurk

The ones not listed are not exactly attracting Second Life residents as much unfortunately. Example LinkedIn. It is for a different crowd, so it will be no good to you.

Flick: Update your photo gallery. Make sure to include your vendor photos, preferably with landmarks. Update at least monthly, preferably with every new release you have. Join groups and share. For example: your dress is Slink compatible, join the Slink group and add the photo to the group as well. And a little secret hint to you: Make sure your photos have permissions for the commons license. That means they are unlocked and people can download them. This is good for you, because blogs like nessmarket can then use them. If they are locked we can’t, because you are claming copyright only to yourself! I am telling you this, because Flickr often has the automatic setting of locking them. So make sure you check permissions. Add blogger photos as well to create variety.

Facebook: I tried counting the groups available to stores. If you are doing clothing you have the most options. There are approximately 193 facebook groups that accept clothing posts, 93 are “spam” groups that accept everything. There may be more… Join as many as you can and use them to share your news. You can have your own group or page, but that is not a must. Your profile can function as your store page directly.

Do not underestimate the power of long time exposure. It may not look as amazing as 100++ people storming in via a group notice, but over time the visits are de facto more, they sure stay longer and develop an interest in you. Moreover, our marketing polls have shown that residents who visit you via a post or social media, tend to save your landmark more often for later use.


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