Easter Egg Scramble Friday April 14th

Easter Egg Scramble Friday April 14th
Easter Egg Scramble Friday April 14th

Easter Egg Scramble Friday April 14th

Here is all the info you need to participate in our Easter Egg Scramble Friday April 14th!

When – April 14th, with 3 drop times – 8am SLT, 12pm SLT and 5 pm SLT – That is when new eggs will drop but eggs will likely be scattered around all day.

Where – Rainmayker Park @ HVFC – at this time the eggs will only be located in the park to avoid lag and confusion with other events going on in our main sim. Please do not go into the few residential homes on the park, as we will not be hiding eggs there.

Who – This event is open to HHVET Victoriana Residents, Group members and any general public who want to participate.

Easter Egg Scramble Friday April 14th
Easter Egg Scramble Friday April 14th

What – The egg scramble is a fun event meant as a fundraiser for the sim – hundreds of no copy eggs will be hidden around the park and set for sale at L$5 each – They are well worth the price as many of them contain no copy gacha items & more that are worth at least double if not more than the egg price, such as rares and ultra rares from popular events such as the Arcade and more. You can keep your prizes or flip them and sell them for profit or trade them in to me for HHVET Victoriana exclusive prizes for the event. Eggs may be in groups, by themselves, hidden or in plain sight – that’s the scramble, find them before the other person does! 3 different egg drop times ensure that everyone from every time zone should have a fair chance to at least find a few for themselves.


SPECIAL EGGS – I will have 3 very special ”golden” eggs hidden with 3 very special prizes. These eggs will not be like the others, and will be VERY hard to find. VERY VERY hard to find, BUT contain sweet rewards.

TRADING PRIZES – If you should decide that you would like to donate any of your prizes back to the sim for future events please put them all into a single box and label it ”RETURNED PRIZES – YOUR NAME” That way at the end of the event I can empty the boxes and send the special ”trade in” prize to the right people. Please do not send me loose items or multiple boxes or you may get overlooked. There is not limit to what you have to trade in – even trading back one prize will get you the trade in prize.

Have fun, see you there!

Location: RainMayker Park, HHVET Victoriana Main (90, 22, 21) – General


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