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Hi everyone!

I’m sure you have noticed on several occasions that many events are struggling to fill the booths. This is not for a lack of stores or event applications. Here is what is happening: Usually designers have applied for a booth, so the event is estimated to be full when it begins. A few days before an event begins, designers have the task to set up their stand. Usually events give designers 2-6 days to do so. The basic task is to come in with the sales and exclusives and to set up the vendors and to decorate if need be. At the end of this deadline, the event begins and this is when the customers are finally allowed to teleport to the event. You may notice sometimes, that you cannot access the event, if designers are still setting up.

Best case scenario is: everyone managed to set up in the time frame given. What usually happens is: 80-90% manage to set up in time and the others delay setting up. Events cannot wait on designers / store owners that have such a delay. Not because they would not want to, but because they must open the doors for customers at a specific date. And of course to be fair to everyone else who managed to set up his display booth in time.

So the event begins and you walk around and see many empty booths. And you figure: “Ugh that event is not popular among designers”. This is not true 🙂 Some just have delayed and most events do not allow designers to set up after the event has begun, which makes absolute sense. Even if it is a lot of work to create all those stunning designs and even if deadlines can be tough (especially when they are overlapping), the show must nonetheless go on. The doors must open. So events cannot allow late set-ups when the customers are already coming in.

As most events are crowded during their first few days (the beginning of each round), of course the booths must be ready. And it is of course also a big advantage for a store to have its stand ready. Simply because if one sets up too late, he / she misses out on the opening hype. And therefore on a ton of money spending customers. If you have a booth, you would not want to miss out on the grand opening anyway.

Store owners are quite frequently unhappy with event owners, for organizational reasons. Some are right to be, but sometimes the events are not at fault at all. If you are a store owner, you are seeking for an event with: reliable staff, reliable promotion and most of all for people who appreciate the work you do. Please be reliable in return, because empty booths cause events to struggle, as customers infer that the event may be unpopular. A great result and an amazing grand opening depends on both parties.

On a sidenote: I am not referring to any particular event. Most have experienced or are experiencing this issue. I’m just letting you know about this to think on it 🙂


Yours, Nessija Resident


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  1. Thanks for clearning this up. There is an event that is currently getting a lot of heat because of issues like these. Nice to see someone explaining how things really are from the perspective of event staff. It is not easy to manage a variety of shops in one place. I truly appreciate your post doll.

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