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Hi ladies and gents!

I just have to clear up a situation that seems to cause some confusion in social media, specifically twitter. For nessmarket and others. When you follow me you may get a message, saying something like this: “nessaja1982 uses TrueTwit validation. To validate click…” Seems that many of you are under the impression that this is a message from the blog / me. That is not true. This message is automatic from Twitter.

What is it? Simply explained, nessmarket used to advertise for a week in the past. To book ads I had to confirm my personal data etc. My account was therefore validated. Now Twitter thinks it is so much fun to send a message to anyone who follows me and to ask them to validate too sometimes. You do not have to do that. And I am certainly not advertising Truetwit to you. I tried to shut it off, unfortunately it keeps persisting.

The bottom line is, I am not sending that to you and I do not ask you to validate. I understand it is completely invasive, but please understand that this is not from me. My twitter is only meant to share tweets as a feed from this blog to help you not miss out on stuff. So if you get a truetwit message from me (or anyone) simply ignore it.

Lots of people especially with websites who have comfirmed premium accounts have the same issues. Twitter seems to have a partial talent for shooing followers away. Can’t change this, but if anyone ever asks you to validate, you do not have to. Ever. Unless you intend to advertise your business there. I just figured I should let you know about this real quick, as other blogs are struggling with the same issue. Just always remember, the person you follow has nothing to do with truetwit validation per se and you don’t have to click on that validation link. Delete the message. Thanks all for letting me know about this 🙂


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  1. yeah got the message myself lol it is like they want me to drop my private data and nooooooooooo

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