New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers

New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers
New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers

New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers

The release of the new essential designer collection is well on it’s way. Lots of fabric basics to kick-start your new designs. Plain fabrics with muted tones to create your own designs from scratch or to use just as they are. Several grey tones are available, ideal to color them yourself in your photo editing software. Or to combine them with color pickers. Plus additional italian fashioned patterns, especially fitting with blouses, shirts, suits, ties, menswear generally, and more. All fabrics can of course be used on other creations as well. I have seen some beautiful beds, pillows and couches made with this collection, too.

New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers
New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers
New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers
New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers

The new imprint and embossed denim collection has now reached marketplace with the first two sets. This is a very special art set with a denim type you have not seen before. The pattern is digitally stamped or extruded from the denim, without the use of materials! Many more sets will follow these two here. Don’t be Google, don’t be basic and don’t be boring ๐Ÿ™‚ Be unique when you are designing fashion. Give your clothes and your other creations a vibe your neighboring store does not have. Of course as always the fabrics are seamless 1024×1024 and the highest resolution SL Lindens can buy.

New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers
New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers
New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers
New Fabric Textures Releases For Designers

I am truly amazed by how happy you have all been with the fabrics of the store. More and more designs appear in SL using Nessmarket textures. It is such a pleasant surpise when I am browsing events for new releases. The customer range goes from small to large stores with unique ideas on where and how the fabrics can be applied. Great work!


  • Packs are kept small to allow you to mix and match. Fatpacks could offer you more choice at once, but as you are making your own unique creations the results are much more creative and seperate you much more from the competition if you mix and match your way. The affordable prices allow multiple purchases, like making a very own collection for a clothing line. I see many have already started doing this. The prices range between 50-150 L for a pack. Please do not ask me to lower prices, as they are already low. If you think abou tit 150 L is not even one actual dollar, but barely half for all the work that goes into one such pack, making the prices easy to handle on any income.
  • Marketplace is fairly well set-up to respond to what you are looking for. Popular keywords are: cotton, denim, wool, pastel, knit, linen, flowers, floral, lace, leather, stripe, sequin, grid, tweed, grey and more. The store is huge, browsing may take some time. But that also guarantees that you can fulfill your fabric wishes.
  • All fabrics are designed in such a way, that you can use them just as they are on clothing as well, without actually having to design anything. This saves you time to focus on store promo and sales.
  • I have been asked a lot to recommend fabrics. You don’t actually need my recommendation, of course I can help. But what you would like to use depends on what you want the end result to look like and what your brand is all about.
  • The store fabrics support any type of clothing for men, women and kids, plus any other creation such as furniture, houses and gardens. Plus ready to use designs to save time with selling new clothing products for Flecha, Meli Imako, byCrash, George Verde, Underground, Statura, Deadpool and soon to come MeshIT and White Canvas Templates. Something is missing? Tell me any time.
  • Do we have demos? The store used to offer demos. Unfortunately some people thought it was cool to delete our logo from the demo and use it as a regular fabric. Since then I have stopped handing out demos. But here is a little hint for you. The ad picture on marketplace! Download it and try the fabric on local edit mode. It will of course not be the same quality but it can give you an idea of what it looks like. Also, all fabrics look exactly like on the ad. The ad pictures are NOT enhanced with anything at all. They are used in their original makeup.
  • I was recently having a conversation on Facebook with a designer. When I was trying to post their group gift, and set my graphics to ultra and high contrast settings for a beach photo, a logo of a certain let’s day 123RF and Shutterstock- alike brand appeared on her dress. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not use photos from Google. You must keep your designs safe. That is the whole point of buying fabrics. I can offer you the safety of 100% my copyright license extended to you, as I am doing the work with textures not just on marketplace but for other brand pages as well. Even if such a Google logo is not on your dress, if you have not acquired the fabric from an actual purchase, you are putting your store at risk. I am not saying this to make you purchase my textures, purchase any textures you like. Just make sure you have an actual transaction for what you use. And see that the person selling them is a professional store, on marketplace or on any other market. Same goes for using other websites, you must have a subsription which allows the use commercially or a purchase transaction. Copyrights are not a little matter.
  • All fabrics can be applied in 2D and 3D software easily as well. People are currently working with the fabrics in a combination of the following software types (not just in Second Life): 3ds Max, Daz, Maya, Blender, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, Gimp, CAD, Sketchup, Zbrush, Fusion, Rhino, Mol and Solidworks. But if you intend to sell your design with full permissions, let me know about it.
  • Yes I am also selling on multiple other markets, those are usually under a commons license with no attribution and commercial work allowed. The prices are therefore of course higher, as the terms you see on my marketplace do not apply. You will find my work on other sites, as vectors, 3d models etc. Sometimes without the Nessmarket logo, as Nessmarket is a Second Life brand.
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  1. Is it possible perhaps to do textures for this MI960771 MI Teens Loose Vest Top FITMESH ?? I look at market all the time. But I do not like what I found so far. Happy colors like you always do please. Perhaps beach. Something fun and warm. And if I may just add that your design gives market a touch of happiness every time. I am so bored with the same old sl*tty textures from other brands. I like leather and fishnet etc too sometimes. Again only if you create it. Your clothes are fine. Not thugwear like the rest.

    • Yes of course. I have the model, so just give me a day or two and watch the new releases on marketplace. The textures will show up as soon as I am done making them.

      And yes you are allowed to tell me about a model you would like textures for, as long as I have permission to make the textures.

      Flecha, Meli Imako, byCrash, George Verde, Underground, Statura, Deadpool and soon to come MeshIT and White Canvas Templates are all a YES. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. If I am allowed to ask this. Sorry if I am not. I can make some textures. But I want yours please.

  3. Could you watch language just a bit hun, I am too lazy to censor words *grins*

    • Aww what a horrible job you have haha. You know I am reading this right? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Lmao that was quick! Yes boss, no laziness from me, got it muahaaaa. <3 this job btw :}

  4. I mean can I also take it into PS and change the color of the pant and the top color separately? Or do you prohobit editing.

  5. My only terms are:

    1. You can not gift or sell the standalone textures (not even with your personal modifications), but you can gift or sell your creation (texture inside the mesh model or hud).
    2. You can use these textures only within Second Life.
    3. The person purchasing this set is the only one who can use the standalone textures for personal or commercial purposes.
    4. You can not sell designs resulting from these textures full perm.

    So yes you can modify, edit, cut, recolor etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thanks for keeping the terms light. BTW I am no longer shopping elsewhere. Cause I like to work on the designs a bit. Most do not even allow a simple color change. I like your style a lot. However I must put my own personality in there somewhere to represent my store I reckon.

  7. Do you mind if I include a color picker for my customers? Is it okay if they tint a dress of yours? Sorry about the questions. I am not very experienced with your store yet.

    • Yes you can do that. Not sure how suitable it is on the model you showed me earlier though, considering the picker changes everything at once, which may look a little weird? Some more “plain” designs without a pattern should work best. Or turn a patterned one into white-ish for possibly better results? Test it and see if you find the result pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I was reading this post last night. I loved the mix and match idea and I would like to know more about it. If you mixed and matched for your designs, what exactly would you do? I have become somewhat of a collector of your work. Everything is gorgeous. Usually I apply the fabrics to various models. I have most of your fabric kits. Now I would like to mix and match somehow.

  9. I can give you a few examples

    1. Cut the map you are working on, for example cut the collar away from the dress. You can use a cotton say pink on the collar plain, and a pattern of cotton on the dress layer.
    2. Use a plain denim on your dress with no pattern. Then use for example stripes on top of that. So use the denim, rasterize the layer in PS and then again pattern with the stripes on top of that. So you are giving the stripes a denim vibe.
    3. You are preparing a hud for your customers. They want to have a choice of textures. For example 4 florals 4 pastels. You can use textures from various packs.
    4. You like to work directly on a mesh dress with faces. Apply different textures to different faces.

  10. Omg I just realized I am a bit of an idiot… I have so many fabrics from you. So if I make a texture change hud for my shop I can use ANY and AS MANY of your fabrics as I like in it correct? I am making a beach dress today. If I add anything that has a beach feeling to it to the hud I can make a big hud right? But what confuses me is… I don’t have to work on the UV map with the fabrics first, then upload, then make a hud with the maps that have the fabrics inside?

  11. Yes correct any and as many. The more you have the merrier ๐Ÿ˜› That is if your goal is to sell clothing with large HUDs. And about the map question: Here is the thing, normally you should work on a map and consequently upload your design. However, the fabrics are already built in a way, that you can use them just as they are. Depends on the clothing though. But many people use them just raw. They already have a fabric realism built in, already set to a proper resolution, you already get various colors etc. So you do not have to go to a map to work. Some time ago I used to only make patterns, then people asked for colors in the packs. The reason why they have colors is so that you don’t neccessarily have to go to PS to work. Many people just buy like 10 packs to make multiple HUDs, they do that, come back and shop for the next 10 etc. Just choose the mesh wisely. Especially the mesh dress for example must be decent, unlike some paper flat ones sold on marketplace, it should have an actual draped clothing vibe. I know many buy the mesh first and then the fabric, but just a hint: sometimes it is better to do it the other way around. Or you may be sitting on a mesh you have no use for. You can do the same with my materials by the way. Not sure which HUD script you use, but some allow for a separate materials setup.

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