Delilah Hairstyle Beusy Mainstore Group Gift

Delilah Hairstyle Beusy Mainstore Group Gift
Delilah Hairstyle Beusy Mainstore Group Gift

Delilah Hairstyle Beusy Mainstore Group Gift

Hair group gift from Beusy, two packs are available. One is free and one is for VIP group members. Activate your group tag and click on the small beusy letters under the image. VIP is on the left, standard (free) on the right.

Group: Free to join Beusy. / 300 L$ to join Beusy Exclusive (VIP)

Delilah Hairstyle Beusy Mainstore Group Gift
Delilah Hairstyle Beusy Mainstore Group Gift

Location: *NEW* Beusy (Under Construction), Becrux (157, 76, 23) – Moderate


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  1. Please do not give “wrong” information to other readers. The post clearly states that one group is free, as in this gift is free. The second group is 300L. The reason we are writing a couple of lines is to inform you. Make an effort to at least read it.

    • Now I had to go back to the store, check again etc. Just in case something went wrong. It’s just upsetting when you work and nobody bothers to read 2 lines of text, initiating a whole panic process, like “omg did I write the post wrong, let me go check again”. Please pretty please just read it. Saves us all time 🙁 🙁 Having to go back to a store over and over again just wastes time from adding new stuff.

      • Yeah, please never mind that. Continue the awesome work. This my daily go-to blog. I want to see more. Please do not skip on posting new releases or sales. I require your guidance. Thank you.

    • It is still greedy and outright ridiculous, I remember when no one charged for groups…. It is becoming a trend now to see who can have the highest charge price for their groups… Granted one is free but it just shows who is greedy and who is not….. $300.00 just shows you are right up their with the rest of the ones who don’t make enough already….

  2. I have been following the comments lately……. can I just say…… how rude some expectations are. People WORK for the gifts u get. U want the free hair, get the free one. U want the fatpack, get the paid one. Gifts from shops are voluntary….. they sacrifice hours of work – and expenses – to give you something. Respect that. Beusy has a free hair pack. Yes FREE. READ …. Group: Free to join Beusy. / 300 L$ to join Beusy Exclusive (VIP). READ. Also the MM has an exclusive. YE also FREE. How much more FREE can it get….. Excuse the tone. Some comments recently here are just so upsetting. Freeloaders all over. I am not adressing anyone in particular….. Nobody forces u to pay. Show some gratitude to the stores and the people working to bring u these goodies.

    • May I add: there are people sending Nessi IMS to stop posting products with a fee. No we will never do this. The blog has everything for everyone. And plenty of gifts at that.

      There is no shortage of gifts. Some gifts are tagged as VIP = sign up fee. Yes, this is how it goes in SL. Some are free, some have a fee. Also, this blog posts new releases or gacha and lots more. And this is how it always has been and always will be.

      Stop sending ungrateful IMS to someone who is working for you all daily and for free, and telling her how she should post on her blog. It is quite insulting. She is the peace in person, but some things just go too far.

      Now, could all of you simply read the post. You have all the information you need in there. Free, not free, VIP, not VIP, how much, new release, gacha etc. The information is there for you. We take the time to write that for you. Do not waste it. Thanks.

  3. Sighs* My staff is more upset than I am 😀 Never mind that conversation, let’s all just get back to posting. New gifts are up, move on guys 🙂

  4. Actually I don’t mind the expense on this group. And I will tell you why I don’t mind. I know from experience that making original mesh hair takes weeks. It is not work done easily or quickly. I understand that for the time invested something has to be given back to the creator. Besides. This shop has a free gift too. Very generous indeed considering the time spent on it. However. When I see other shops buying ready pre pre pre prepared mesh models and only add textures and charge a fee. Now that is an audacity. In this case I feel cheated upon. When gifts used to be free, they were not all super mesh. So I get it. But with pre purchased mesh models nobody should charge fora gift. Better to put only one color in no hud and give it free. Not relevant to this post this point. But this is my opinion. Tysm by the way for letting us talk about our opinions. Most groups would have deleted this conversation here a long time ago.

    • Not deleting it, as free speech and disrespectful slandering insults are not the same thing 🙂 Your opinions fall under free speech. If I get square freaky eyes from seeing really mean words, that is another story. But nothing here makes me get such square and freaky eyes, so you are safe! 😛

      Disrespectful slandering insults would not be productive feedback. This here may be productive to some stores, to know what customers think. After all selling things is or should be oriented towards pleasing the customer as much as technically and financially possible.

    • But even if some of you went a little off-track here concerning this post, get the free hair, say thanks to Beusy for the work and be happy 🙂 🙂

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