Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners

Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners
Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners

Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners

Designers / store owners hello! I have added three new gifts to the Nessmarket marketplace store in the last few days. In case you haven’t seen them yet, here they are. These gifts are to thank you for your shopping. It has truly been amazing to create fabrics and designs, and I see your love daily. I have just started the autumn / halloween collections as well, a little early on the halloween part, but I know you want stuff early to have time to work on it. I really appreciate all your purchases and will continue to make things with love. Honestly I never expected that so many people would show such interest in the designs and textures, but wow… you are amazing! The wearable inworld gift will come soon, I will definitely make time for it so not just the store owners get spoiled 🙂

Price: L$ 1

Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners
Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners
Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners
Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners
Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners
Nessmarket Marketplace Dollarbies For Store Owners

Sold By: Nessija

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Currently most popular design are Nikkie and Ashera. Tztztztztz @ Ashera !!! Why bother with lots of fabric 😀

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  1. Add… Yes please start with Halloween textures + Thangsgiving if possible. I have to start collecting textures for the store soon.

  2. Yes on it ! 😀 2 stores + RL job + blog O_O going as fast as possible hehe. I was thinking about thanksgiving, but I held off on that. Not sure what to do with the theme. Do you really want a turkey on your dress fabric? 😛 😛 Maybe a big one with huge eyes starring at your customers Dina? Haha. Oh and pumpkins and the orange color are also not very appealing.

  3. Lmao Ness. You know me too well!!!!! Ya the pumkins are covered in Halloween I suppose. Orange too. That leaves us with a Turkey indeed. You know what. For the fun effect I’d take that Turkey if it was a cutie smth funny. I challenge you to make a Turkey texture pack. If anyone you can do it!!!

  4. So that is the reason why texture makers dont take custom orders? Haha. But you know what, I accept your challenge. Let’s honor the turkeys this year. But no eating. It’s gonna be a vegetarian pack. Pet value only!

  5. I have a question please. I will try to ask this delicately. It does in no way pertain to NM items. This is about full permissions mesh. I recently found a marketplace shop with full permission meshes from various creators. But with a lower price than those creators. For example things from CBB or Creative studio, but not at 1800 Lindens. But at 300 Lindens. I do not have a store. But I sometimes like to make things for myself. Without owning a store investing 1800 is extreme. So my question is if (for personal use) I can buy these meshes from the cheaper store. Are those discount stores legal? What happens with the legal side of the story if I purchase? I am clueless about these things. Like I said I don’t have my own shop. I am thinking of opening one though. Please help.

  6. Hmm this is the 4th time today I was asked this question, as some have purchased textures and are now looking for mesh models and are apparently finding the same store as you did. I will tell you the same as I told the others (yes capslock because this is bad): DO NOT BUY FULL PERM ANYTHING FROM ANYONE ELSE THAN THE ACTUAL OWNER. Why? Because only the owner actually sells them with his license.

    Meaning, if you purchase from someone else, you get the mesh and it works. BUT you did not acquire the LICENSE of the product. Only the creator gives that one and only via your transaction (your invoice). No invoice from the original full perm creator means you have no license.

    Meaning not only the copying store, but also you are liable. If the creator has a DCMA contract like we for example do, he can sue you legally (and yes DCMA can reach you via SL IP, payment info etc). So you are not safe, and instead liable from somewhere between 300-3500 USD per purchase.

    The store is so expensive, because the owner sells his license for that much. Even if he spent only 10minutes making it, he may want his license to be distributed more rarely, hence he ups the price. The stores that pop up and sell mesh cheaper than the original creator are not official stores. For your own good, stay away from those please.

    • yea 3 new ones popped up couple of days ago thatswhy you get so many questions on the subject matter

    • A few stores just have so-called “haters”. They deserve that a little bit for horrendous customer service to be honest – I have had my own share of horrendous experiences, particularily with the pricy ones – , but they don’t deserve to be banckrupted.

  7. Not to scare you, but this is just how it is with online copyrights. By the way, transferring from 1 avi to another without explicit permission of the owner is considered the same as what copy store is doing.

  8. I understand. Thank you. Finally someone who answered that question. 1800 is too much for a new store opening for me. Or for personal use. Sighs. Why sell them for that much, if not all people can afford them.

  9. if u really fk this sh** up then u got a lawsuit like that invu guy with 25thou u will not make 25thou in 1yr taking this sh** lightly is worse than 1.8

  10. OOOOOOOOO LAWDDDDDDDDDDD, no swear words please! You are killing me with the censorship work 😀

  11. Maybe that is exactly the point. Some mesh creators do not wish for new stores to work on their meshes. They want to make sure that you have spent time and effort on your store first, with the necesary experience to “actually” design around the mesh. Otherwise the mesh quickly looses its “value”. The more expensive models are often (not always) aimed at more “advanced” users.

  12. there seems to be a certain trend in people announcing that they have dcma on market… so many are just full of bs prolly never seen a dcma report in their lives. so they just threaten with no consequence. hence people will always copy stuff. ness i know you have one you sell on deviant turbo freepik i see you have it on commercial use with premium license. but many others hide in sl under a false dcma threat. whats the point.

  13. Yeah I do. Although 2 people seem keen on using the free downloads commercially and I will have to do something about that. The downloads are Premium only. It seems some people are just pretending to overlook that part. Using it on a dress and selling the dress is commercial. See, you think nobody is seeing it, but someone with an actual contract does. The person just chooses not to take action (yet) to give you another chance, as this is serious. Just because products are on other pages, it does not mean that the owners are not in Second Life. In fact, they are very likely to be in Second Life.

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