Say Your Opinion Comment Below The Post

Say Your Opinion Comment Below The Post
Respect the dog!

Say Your Opinion Comment Below The Post

Let’s have an open chat in comments today. You are all free to comment, to state what you are happy or unhappy with. It can concern the blog, the gifts, the fashion, general stuff in SL, anything really. Just get it all out that is in your mind and heart. Of course, there is no guarantee that people will listen, but your comment will be read. You can speak your mind and if you want leave useful feedback for SL residents, store owners, designers, managers, groups etc (without mentioning names plssss). Or it could be the other way around, you are a store owner, manager, deejay etc and you would like to say a few words generally to customers. Please follow the rules!

1. You can comment anonymously.

2. Please do not refer to specific names or designers or stores. This thread is not meant to be an attack to anyone in particular.

3. Please do not post links or your personal info in the comment.

4. Keep the language PG because anything else just keeps the staff busy unnecessarily

5. Nessmarket is crazy for pets. Respect the dog.

Just state your opinion, please be careful not to be too harsh, this is supposed to be a constructive thread.

Say Your Opinion Comment Below The Post
Respect the dog!
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  1. Let me kick this one off. Yes staff can comment too. Yay!!! If I have one thing that I am unhappy with in Second Life, it is that everyone seems to believe that event management is easy. Many events are opening (and closing soon after), resulting in a huge loss of invested money for the owners. Having an event is a tough business. Naturally (and I completely understand), shops are cautious to choose a venue. Which rent to pay. Who to be affiliated with. An event constitutes hard work. One thing to mention that I believe is a huge pitfall is events sending out copies of the same notecard to all designers. Without getting in touch on a personal basis. This is no way to convince a creative mind to pay rent or attend the venue. Just my opinion. Hugs to you all.

    • look many are just simply mismanaged left and right…

      i joined one and then it just didnt open. all the work for nothing. why? she said reason was not enough brands. not my fault is it. i worked up a set. paid rent. did my due diligence. even promo.

      so this i think is way bigger of a prob tbh cause i dont trust one person with events now…

      • dito as a creator u want reliability it is rare to get just that, just a thought how much work goes into 1 event pool of clothes should suffice to see reliability of a sort. i met some great events in my time so far. hope to see more of that. by the way this years tepee was fantastic. have to give credit for that. superb.

  2. First of all, I love the puppy. What a cute baby.

    Here is something I have always been wondering about. I am not certain there is one actual answer. But maybe somebody has an idea or two? Why is it generally very difficult to write up a review for marketplace orders? Assuming of course the purchase was nice. Why are reviews with positive feedback so rare. And why are reviews with a complaint usually quickly happening? This is just an observation I made (my RL sister has a store). I still wonder. Should a good thing not be rewarded with pleasure? I see my sis jumping up and down at most once in two months, because she is happy about having a review. Very rare occasion considering the amount of very sweet IMs that come in.

    • Because you have to go back, find the item, then think of something to write. Frankly I can never think of something to write. Even if I love it.

      • Then just write I love it? Sounds a bit lazy to me. If you want the stores to succeed and you want people to create more, you must motivate them. I know from experience that a good review keeps me creating for days. It is this big sense of having made somebody happy.

    • i am a creator and i really wish people would review things more often. not to force anyones hand of course…. just hard to tell what makes your hearts happy with no feedback. tysm.

  3. I am deepy annoyed by group notices as of late. They say GIFT. Then in the small text letters something else and a landmark. You open the photo attachment and think it is the gift. But then blaaaaaaaa you go to the store. This is not the gift. It is new release or promo. Say what it is straight up. Confusion is not good. If I missed the brief about the post delete my comment and sorry lol.

    • The group notices are a good thing though :/ Without them many stores would close their doors. How would you know about sales and news and gifts without the groups?

  4. I want to say I am proud of many poeple here doing outstanding work daily. Couldnt do better myself. I can tell who works hard. Happy to see that many take their work serious.

  5. could u all plz stop making clothing with chains and harnesses mwahhhhhh relly repetitive this is my feedback. not much but yeah it must be said.

  6. All good! Keep it coming ๐Ÿ™‚ And don’t be shy. This is all about your opinions here and there is no right and wrong.

    • You have to register with WordPress. And if you are logged in, you get the photo you have on your WordPress profile here.

  7. I would like to get 2 things of my chest.
    A. I have purchased a total of about 30 skins from 2 stores. They all look the same. I do NOT understand the fascination buying every new pack. They look like they use the same base and just do minor changes. At 300-700L I expect more than a recycled skin.
    B. I would like to see more gifts for men in general. My hubby sees me getting 300 per month and he is lucky to find 1. Well he find 10, but only 1 for Aesthetic. Seeing how many lindens he spends though, I beleieve he deserves a couple more gifts from time to time. This is not about this blog. We know that you seek out male gifts. There just are not many around. I hope that changes some day. Or fewer female gifts to even things out.
    A beautiful day to all of you.

  8. I want to add something. Could not find edit mode for my comment? The other 9 gifts are not only lacking in the sizes. But also in the work that goes into them. Men should not have to get plain tees with a logo slapped on them. Or a pic from the web. There could be some design to it.

    • Yes there is no edit mode for you, only admins can do that here. Adding another comment is no problem. And I will add something here too. We skip posting many male items, simply because their quality is scary, both in the design as well as in the ad photo. Posting them would do you no good. You just have to trust me on that we select things as carefully as possible here.

  9. I don’t wish to go to places that have fake traffic. Fake traffic for me is such a turnoff. Too often done in clubs. Thinking there is a party but there are only a bunch of gesture spamming bots. Stop this practice. If the owner thinks I don’t know, he is wrong. I know what is fake and not.

  10. I always thought to myself how to sell for example one dress with 50 textures hud for 99l. I see many who do this. Must be possible then. Right? I was happy ot get stuff with huds. Only with huds in fact. Now I see the truth. All just colors that cost the store nothing. Or same look again and again. Same design different mesh. Then I have 50. But creative zero. No more of that for me. This is like factory work with many stores. Very disrespectful to ask for my money for this. I was a fool for many years and much lindens. I say this because if its good I pay even for just 1 a lot of money. I understand many use same mesh. Because it is difficult. Its ok for me. But different style and design is not so much for asking.

    • yes those economy stores sell 50 textures in 1 you say, they put others out of business. nice for the customer but…. in the end there are only plain colors or patterns in there, you all can do that yourself. not to offfend anyone. it is just hard to watch people run after such simple repetitive non creative stuff some times.

  11. I would like to say something to Bivvias comment about the events. I used to be the owner of one and we closed our doors after six months. It was impossible to recruit larger brands. We really tried. Without any larger brands the traffic was meager. Unfortunately, many residents follow mostly the larger brands. Without a few, an event can not keep the doors open. This is not a good thing. Smaller brands can surprise you. With their impeccable style. They may not be as seasoned as the larger ones. They may not have the funds to run a high scale business. But many are quite talented. They are worth shopping from. Back in the day my staff and I were not aware that this blog could have helped us with traffic. Quite honestly we did not even make an attempt to apply. I figured it would be a no-no anyway, with small event brands. Another site had asked us for 40.000 Linden for promotion. This is a ridiculous price for a small event with a rent of 800 and not 2000 per stall. All in all I am happy to see that around here smaller events get a chance to show what they have got in store for you. Always your follower – Sady Rivers

  12. LL should give free classes on how to texture, how to mesh, how to make appliers, how to build. No way a standard person can advance in any way to compete with experienced brands. Youtube has some videos but those are scraps of knowledge. This market is only made for people that have professional knowledge from degrees and classes. Not fair.

    • This one I have to disagree with. Ness I will use you as an example at this point, no offense ๐Ÿ˜€ 6 months ago Ness had no clue about anything at all. We are talking basic Photoshop knowledge only. Like changing colors only. Yes that basic. Because she doesnt have a degree or any such knowledge that you speak of.

      The woman is a clinical psychologist in RL so you see really unrelated to working in SL. Also she was not in SL at all. The ava is 3 yrs old I think but in SL, nessmarket blog started nov 2 years ago, the store nov 2016. You want this bad enough you can do it. In 2months she fixed up nessmarket not a regular blog but a professional high end website. By herself. Yeah it crashes sometimes but scripting this yourself is bonkers. In six months I think she made somewhat over 1700 packs now. Pretty much everyone is shopping the full perms now. You open flickr you see her cloth on small medium and big brands.

      I tell you this, because even youtube cannot possibly help you do this. You must be stubborn. A little crazy like her lol. Workoholic. And go for it. Believe me you have no idea what it must feel like (neither do I) working in clinics all day then come here to make all that work with no guarantee its success. Now she is making all vectors for professional sites on the web. This is what prof graphic designers do yes. So not a joke. But you see its doable. Without any course or class or anything in either of those things.

      I know because apart from blogging she didnt even know how to use an omega applier or make it lol. Ness if this is not ok delete please. It just upsets me to see peopel wanting skills given freee when others work so hard to get them by themselves.

      • Good morning guys ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s okay. I feel like a case study now haha. You should have seen my first texturing attempts. Horrible really. Plus getting them to be seamless was a difficult task. Just pick something you like to do and keep working on it. You will never find help in such a big way. For example if I showed you how to do everything I do, you could compete with me on the market. I believe that it is financially driven motive, why people do not share what they have learned. Perhaps also the hours spend figuring things out, just giving those hours / days / weeks to somebody in 1 hour seems like someone steals your soul a bit ๐Ÿ˜€ Find something you love and don’t let go. I have spent every minute of the day I had to create stuff so far. It is summer time and I am not on vacation. I don’t see another way to be able to compete with bigger brands by yourself, who also have several staff members.

  13. Experienced Brands? Most of them do buy Full Perm Templates and even buy Textures for it and voila!
    Do you ever wonder why so many new shops got HQ Stuff for 150L and less with a Full Hud while Highend Shops sell same Cloths and just one Color is 250L or more.
    Yet they all buy the same templates and textures. So yeah, and they still make peoppe believe they put “hard work” into creating.

    • yeah this is not so nice. maybe they should create at least a part of what they can actually do with their skills. mesh or texture at least.

  14. What annoys me the most is this sense of entitlement and wanting everything for free I see so much on SL these days. People complaining in free groups that there hasn’t been a free group gift this month. People asking why there aren’t any free mesh bodies or Bento heads. People complaining about a joining fee for a fun club or SIM. People whining, being really hateful and causing drama on blogs. I don’t get it. Creating and designing costs a lot of time, maintaining a club or a sim does, too. Why would anyone have a right to get the gifts or use the hard work of others for free? With often the only reasoning behind that being: “Well I don’t have Lindens”. It’s fantastic there even are gifts and places we can visit for free and have fun at. It’s quite possible to have a great looking avatar with a huge wardrobe by spending an amount of real money that really isn’t all that shocking and being a little creative. So while I’m on my soap box: a big thank you for all the generous designers, bloggers and club/sim owners sharing their talents with the rest of us, for free. I am grateful for everything you do. Thank you!

    • It’s really great how open the market is for everyone to find a job he / she is talented in. Lindens should not be a general problem for a few groups and clothes here and there. I agree with you 100% !!

  15. I really like this blog, especially the groupg gifts that we find.

    so i really hope that it’ll last for as long as SL exist (:

    thank you for your good work !

  16. Can we get a bit more conservative clothes? Not everyone is comfortable shiwing skin. No offense to the puppy.

  17. i would like to have more groups im premium but still so many beautiful gorgoeus stunning amahzing creators to join i love to keep them at all times. crosses fingers and toes and every body part for more one day. a girl can hope *smiles*

  18. I love this blog and follow you daily. Your work does definitely not go unnoticed. I see you revamped the inworld store a bit. More clothes? Cheers big time *HUGS* Somebody said keep the blog running for as long as SL exists. YES PLEASE

  19. Thank you all so much for commenting, nice to see how very involved you are both with this blog and SL ! The comments will stay open, so whenever you want feel free to say something ๐Ÿ™‚ And big thanks for all your social shares and the group notices you place to support the website, I could not be happier ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to do this for a very long time here!

    • HI ALL!! I am thankful for the work here. You dont know this Nessi but I am also your customer for the store. One time you took an hour or a bit more I think to help me with my design. No idea how you do all this in one day. Thank you so much for all your help. I am applying to your blog soon to be posted as a designer this time. Tyyyyyy for all!!

  20. If I had one thing to say in general it woud be: it is weirding me out how people sometimes make a fuss about 100 Lindens for instance… 100 Lindens is probably the price of your cup of coffee in the morning. I know I cnat compare this directly. But just a thought. sl is very “cheap” from all digital markets. You put 10 usd in you are sl “rich” to shop. Try buying mesh else where it is like 30-70 usd and houses more like 250 usd.

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