Nessmarket Inworld Group Chat Opens Soon

Nessmarket Inworld Group Chat Opens Soon
Nessmarket Inworld Group Chat Opens Soon

The Nessmarket group chat has always been locked. However, the chat will soon be launched, so you can exhange MM and gifts info. Please respect the rules! They are not many, but necessary for your own protection. Creators, you might also find this interesting! VIPs group rules:

1. MM boards and gifts can be posted if the store has been accepted before once on nessmarket blog. You can use the search tool on the blog to see if the store is allowed

2. No external links unless in group notice from Nessmarket staff (or Premium see B) , that includes blog / marketplace or any other site links

3. No location with sexual display, no violence, no racism, or pornography.

4. Malls, Adult sims are fine as long as (3) is respected.

5. NO breedables / rentals / gambling / club ads. Vehicles / AOs / Events are fine.

6. Self promotion of your store is allowed IF you have a MM board or gift you wish to announce in chat and ONLY if your store (or event) is offering a gift for the group of the blog : VIPs
Please limit your self promo to twice a day. Anything more will be considered spam.
A. To designers: If your store is prohibited from being posted in the chat, please submit a gift info (photo + landmark) to the blog. I cannot guarantee that it will be accepted, as we have minimum quality standards. But we will try to accommodate you.

B. Designers / Creators / Event Owners, for notice rights you must be featured as a Premium Designer in the sidebar of the blog. Meaning you must have an active ad space rental. Once you do, you will be upgraded in the group to be able to send notices for as long as your ad contract lasts. You can send 2 notices per day.

Any questions? Direct them to Nessija Resident

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