Win 5000L The Grab Event Gift Cards

Win 5000L The Grab Event Gift Cards
Win 5000L The Grab Event Gift Cards

Win 5000L The Grab Event Gift Cards

You are the first to know that The Grab is giving away 5000L gift cards. How?

Visit the website and nominate your favourite original brand to participate in the December Gold Round for your chance to win !

Win 5000L The Grab Event Gift Cards
Win 5000L The Grab Event Gift Cards

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  1. Probably never going to see a 5k gift card anyway. You are not the only fees she has not paid Nessmarket. She also did not pay my friend who was manager one month before you arrived. Did you not see that in the group chat? It was a rather large story. This event promises staff payment and the payment never arrives.

  2. Safe to assume you or your staff brought creators in this round? Cuz I saw it fill in 4 days from like 3 to over 50 creators all of the sudden. I do this kind of job normally for other venues. But I could not do that much. I was wondering if you did.

    • Yes the staff here did do a lot of work. Not just on promotions, but more than that. Much more. We work here on this blog daily and for free. Therefore, you can imagine that nobody asked for a large fee.

    • Let me quote myself 🙂 “I do not know how much to ask for. Pay me whatever you think the work is worth.” And we worked first, no advances asked. And I am not impatient as funds are sometimes hard to come up with, I get it. But the fees were due August 24th. And today its September 29th.

      I was not going to say a word. But I don’t appreciate being cheated out of a month of work. Others had had the same fate too. So someone had to step up and actually say something for once. And I still would not have said a word, except she decided to rather kick my brand from the event, rather than paying her promised fees. So yeah, patience did run out with that last behavior.

  3. no wonder this event has a reputation i wouldnt touch with a 10 foot pole. no offense, but even if you blogged it i never visited. simple reason they are unprofesinal for my brand. no offense again to you nessmarket yo uare profesional and you have made every post for my shop perfect. i was surprised to see you allies with that event. you can do better.

  4. Gosh I wish people with no skills would stop trying to build businesses. Creators are already coming in with high demands. The last thing we need is for owners to make it more difficult than it has to be… These types of people make us other events look bad.

    Sorry this happened to you Ness. Please continue to support us other events. We love your traffic very much and your work. I hope that this situation has not made you unwilling to support other fashion events. I would understand if it did.

    If there is any way I can help, contact me. “BRT” you know who! Much love and support.

    Yours Litt

  5. Such a sad story I know how hard Nessja and her people worked on this event project It makes me furious how that women Ying treated them and indeed she did it to multiple people I had my own experiences with this women She is completely incompetent to set up and lead any event This event existed thanks to Nessja en her people and ofcourse all those great designers that where willing to participate But i have a feeling it will die slowly Because all Ying did was sitting on her butt not even paying the people that did all the work She allready had an history on this and left a path of destruction behind her numerous times allready in the short existense from this event All the employees left lets see how Ying will do next round

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