Jackeline Set Free Furtacor Group Gift

Jackeline Set Free Furtacor Group Gift
Jackeline Set Free Furtacor Group Gift

Jackeline Set Free Furtacor Group Gift

New group gift from Furtacor: Jackeline set. Includes shoes and dress. Hud included. Free!

Group: Free to join FurtaCor V.I.P

Jackeline Set Free Furtacor Group Gift
Jackeline Set Free Furtacor Group Gift

Location: FurtaCor, LA PERLA & First Choice, MLBR Paraty (154, 62, 3502) – Moderate


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  1. I went through SL search and btw youe search link lands me on a empty parcel. This url works though. Maybe set your parcel teleport to the store Furtacor?:D

    • You know what, I just took the time to respond to your other silly comments. This one gets you booted though. Do not ever insult a creator for their generosity or myself and the staff. Feel free to find the gifts from the blog you came from. I see who you are.

    • You are a disgusting person and without any backbone at that “Anonymous”. People here work for US for free. Yes for you too. Shameful little kid.

  2. Ohhhhhh I have to correct my previous statement. The IP leads to a certain marketplace store and not to a blog. Hello Summer, this blog does not concern you and neither does anything my staff and I are doing. After all the attacks you have placed, it would be best if you at least tried to rehabilitate your image. Save face while you can. Or you know, keep bullying. Whatever makes you happy. Go your own way instead of chasing mine, because it is time to be your own person like everyone else. We all only have 1 life and its not given to us for harassment / fraud / etc.

  3. How dare you insult that wonderful store… She is giving out so many goodies and so much love to all the customers. Learn some basic respect.

  4. The comment is not about the store of this post. Nobody actually insulted the beautiful gift. In fact, many used the landmark to visit this store and the gift was popular. So, discard any relation of the bad comment to the store. The comment and others placed by the same person are intended to bully me. The person is looking for trouble approximately every 2 months (not just me, several stores). The attack is about marketplace creations and unrelated to the entirety of the blog concept. Greetings to New York though, perhaps if you were closer Summer we could have a conversation. Feel free to contact me inworld when you actually wish to talk. You, not your alts.

  5. Ty all for stepping up for defense 😀 But don’t be bothered by this, go about your days and find pretty gifts 🙂

  6. Okay about the join fee When Nessmarket placed the free FurtaCor gift on September the 13th the group was free to join I know that for sure because i sended the info on this gift to Nesja When Summer placed her Anonymous comment more then a week later the group indeed was 100 to join This happens sometimes It might has to do with a special raffle event the creator was having in her group handing out several giftcards worth of 1000 linden Its sad that another creator realy goes so low and tries to badmounth ohters I know for a fact this isnt the first time

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