Nessmarket Textures Full Perm Marketplace Gift

Nessmarket Textures Full Perm Marketplace Gift
Nessmarket Textures Full Perm Marketplace Gift

Nessmarket Textures Full Perm Marketplace Gift

Texture Gift for Statura Gift Skirt Nessmarket Roses. For personal and commercial use. Now available on marketplace as a dollarbie, as a little thank you for your purchases and your love!

Nessmarket Textures Full Perm Marketplace Gift
Nessmarket Textures Full Perm Marketplace Gift



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  1. hi i dont have a store to use this but is it allowed that i buy the skirt full perms and use this texture to wear the skirt this please skirt is 1Ls

    • Interesting!! I have never put a texture in a skirt before though. Could you explain how to do this for as not designers if it’s not too much to ask? I want to wear it too!! I have a gift pack from NM also fabric textures FLORAL EXTRAVAGANZA. Is it possible to use that for the skirt too? Explain to me how to do it too. BTW I try to copy a gyazo link. Does not work “You are not allowed to copy content or view source”. What is that?

  2. Yes of course you can 🙂 It’s a dollarbie now. The link to the skirt is in the full perm category of the blog (quick browse at the bottom).

  3. Kira I was just getting constant alerts from DCMA from people copying our materials instead of using their own. It was getting annoying to clean up after the reports. Sorry about that if its annoying. It was just way too much work to delete DCMA notices every day.

    Now to use the texture in the mesh, right click on the mesh, edit, texture tab select and just either drag the texture in or click on the image frame to select it from your inventory. Make sure texture (diffuse) is selected before you do that, and not any of the other 2.

    And yes you can use a fabrics pack. A design texture has more detail for the specific mesh, but the standalone fabric still works. You may have to play around with the scale settings in that case. But do not use any other settings for the texture of this post, as it is “fitted” for the skirt.

  4. While I have you here, may I ask one more thing. I am chatty today I know!!! If you have time to answer. If I want to have a store, I can buy models and textures and just have a store like that? I was under the impression that I have to know Photoshop. But if I purchased a mesh and your design, I have it ready. This I can sell? Or do I still need to learn Photoshop? Is that something people do? Must it be a design texture like the fitted one you mention or can it be your fabrics? I like many of them. Explain when you have some time in your hands. I really wish to use your fabrics. I am in awe especially with the pastels.

    • Yes exactly. Purchase mesh, purchase design or fabrics and go for it. But you will have to learn a couple of things still (not Photoshop though). For example how to make yourself show as the creator of the mesh (see youtube) + set your models to copy only (you must read the rules of my textures and of the meshes).

      Photoshop is time consuming to learn and to do, so people share work very often. Others design, others sell. This is normal. Just like you do not have to make your own mesh, you do not have to make your own designs or textures. It is up to you how you do business. Many customers also know PS but they still purchase, simply because they want the exact style or because they would rather sell quicker, than spending time in PS as well.

      Whatever you choose to do, just be respectful of other peoples work please.

      I have to step into RL now, see you all later !

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