Center Of Love Valentine Textures Gift

Center Of Love Valentine Textures Gift
Center Of Love Valentine Textures Gift

Center Of Love Valentine Textures Gift

Hello creators! I have a new group gift for you. The first textures group gift from Nessmarket Full Perm mainstore. Brand new release and unreleased in the store, Center of Love Valentine textures. 10 textures for your lovely designs. 1024×1024 seamless. Upstairs in the textures department. This gift is only for groupies.

Group: L$ 5 to join VIPs

Center Of Love Valentine Textures Gift
Center Of Love Valentine Textures Gift

Location: Nessmarket Mainstore – Full Perm Textures, Gifts & Apparel, Glenn (107, 72, 33) – Moderate


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  1. Hiya NessMarket. I purchased some of your textures recently. Could you advise me the best way to work with them? I have a very particular worry. Textures in SL tend to turn blurry on mesh. I would like to avoid that. I see yours in my inventory, they are clear as day and I would like to keep them that way. Any caveats to avoid when using them Thank you.

    • Hi Wess!

      The only thing you may wanna pay attention to is resizing. Good values to resize in are from 100% to 75% to 50% to 25%. In these distances, as it’s easier for Photoshop to calculate. If you resized by 17% that number is so odd it might reduce the texture quality. It tends to like the % I mentioned (in scale when you do your pattern overlay function).

      Or if you use it straight on the mesh a number like 1.2321 in texture scale is so odd, same thing. Try to use some that make more sense, that are more rounded up. Like 1.5.

      Or just generally resizing from 100% to 1% might cause an issue, cause its way too huge of a distance. Good that you asked, because those small things do matter, especially when people zoom into clothing. Helps to keep “the camera in place as intended”. Hope this answered your question.

  2. I should have mentioned, I work with Photoshop sometimes. However, I am not a professional creator with much experience. Depending on what I want to make I either use a texture on the mesh directly. Or on the AO map from Meli Imako and TyMesh and Bycrash meshes. I do “pattern overlay” with multiply.

    • Resize by typing into scale from 100% to 75% to 50% to 25%. Whatever fits best. The closer to the original purchased (100%) the better quality you have (because it tries to adjust to the UV grid of your mesh). Oh and the mesh you buy matters too, the maps. But the ones you mentioned work perfectly fine.

  3. i have tons of them ya really have to mess up bad to turn them blurry. they are super stable. porbably nothing to worry about there. you probably mean applier stuffs now that turns blurry if people dont make it right real fast or some creators use like pngs on a map which is a joke too. pretty sure the textures from here are optimized for sl though cause i really had no issue ever. i dont know how i dont make textures but they work.

    • Yes you are not supposed to bring stuff in from “outside” just like that. If I want to have diamonds on my fabrics, I do have to paint them. Or else, you will see a smudge.

      • Some just download pngs from websites and put them on the clothing. It is a hot mess. I purchased one about a month ago. Hot hot mess. Besides, I am so annoyed with people using other peoples properties. SL has taken Deviantart creators apart!

        • Yes, which is why many now are pricing their things. Many clearly stated no commercial use, which includes the sale of clothing. Commercial use is any use you make money with other peoples products. Most are for personal use only, you can scrapbook yay! Of course they won’t initiate an entire lawsuit for a freebie pack of gradients or brushes (too expensive for that) so they just price them now to be done with it. 😀

  4. Can you explain: Or on the AO map from Meli Imako and TyMesh and Bycrash meshes. I do “pattern overlay” with multiply. If you don’t mind… I wish to learn how to create. My idea was to buy a mesh and test with the textures gift.

  5. where your layers are in ps just click add a layer style then pattern overlay, then choose pattern, set it to multiply to retain any shadows from the ao map. and the scale thing ness mentioned is there too if ya wanna resize. save as png and upload. and if it has like a belt you can cut the map a bit into like 2 pieces. 1 dress piece 1 belt piece, and use only color on belt and pattern on dress for example

  6. so when you add textures in gimp you do overlay or multiply? I was taught to make the fabric darken only but that person builds but not clothing……is that right?

    • You dont have to do that for clothing, the fabric can work very well straight up, assuming your map isnt too dark. If your map is too dark you can increase its brightness first.

    • And you can use either overlay or multiply both work, depending on what you want to see. Overlay usually gives a brighter effect and multiply is closer to the original brightness of your texture.

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