TMP Mesh Body Head Discount And Free Store

TMP Mesh Body Head Discount And Free Store

Great news everyone! Male and female mesh bodies and male and female mesh heads by TheMeshProject (TMP) are now available on a super discount. If memory serves they were previously sold at 5000 L$. Now they are sold at 500 L$. And because TMP doesnt want you to go home all in the nude, you now get to unlock all the clothing as well and that is FREE. So apart from the body / head the entire store is free! So you do not have to worry how to dress the body at all, it is all there.


Wear your shopping HUD (it will be dropped into your inventory when you arrive) to shop. And to unlock clothing, wear your style HUD. There has not been a word on how long this offer will last or why it has come to be in the first place. Could be a day or forever. So rush over there and pick up the stuff! And of course the previously offered free bodies for men and women are still free. You will see it all literally written on the walls.




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    • BE CAREFUL. Got 500L deducted for clicking UNLOCK. BE CAREFUL!! It is NOT clear that UNLOCK means BUY.
      I am writing to try and get my money back. Furious about this.

  1. To get the clothes I have to get colors one at a time is that correct? Gosh the hud thing is very confusing. Please do tell before I am there all day 🙂

  2. The group just got a 5 Linden join fee secondlife:///app/group/9e6cd4e4-95ce-e040-0e23-160e1f23a2c9/about in case you need it

  3. seems the free bodies are gone, I was there and asked if they aren’t available anymore and someone from the staff, I guess, (named ShoppingCart) said only the Deluxe Body is available + you are supposed to get faster access to the full region when you join ‘The Shops! VIP’ group for 500L… I better don’t comment on that

  4. Yea the deluxe bodies are the ones that are on sale now for 500L instead of 5000L. The group I meant earlier with the 5L is one called #TheMeshProject Designer Releases. Not sure what they are doing there right now, many things that confuse people it seems.

  5. guys when you land outside it is because its full i think. but you dont have to join the group. only if you want like special access even when full. if you are standing somewhere outside you can walk in. I walked in even if there were like yellow group bars. seems they are still experimenting in there grrrrrr.

  6. I have contacted ShoppingCart as well which sends me to the LiveHelp avatar, which is offline. Fun 🙂 I asked and hopefully they will respond. Cross fingers. I know you are all confused, give it a moment.

  7. [14:47] Ƭɦҿ Sɦღρടٳ ツ (theshops): SORRY IF YOU GOT KICKED! We’re trying to control lag, didn’t mean to kick you <3

  8. nice price definitely buying an all but …… messy their dealings. i understand its super full and difficult to manage but uhm …. not my problem. 1hour to get in got tpd out in the midst of shopping….30min to get in again….

  9. [15:01] NessmarketStaff: Is the group needed now or not to get in? Is it now staying at 1000L? Your 500L promo is only for group?
    [15:02] Ƭɦҿ Sɦღρടٳ ツ (theshops): Hi! We’re still setting up the group, it is currently $500 L. We’re also trying to setup a second sim so the group isn’t needed – but anyone who joins will get future benefits from it 🙂
    [15:02] Ƭɦҿ Sɦღρടٳ ツ (theshops): Ideally we don’t want to have to rely on the group for access if we get the second sim up, it’s just so laggy today here
    [15:03] NessmarketStaff: So people can come and shop even without a group?
    [15:03] Ƭɦҿ Sɦღρടٳ ツ (theshops): But I’m not 100% sure yet, we’re still trying to come up with solutions
    [15:03] Ƭɦҿ Sɦღρടٳ ツ (theshops): when the lag goes down yes
    [15:03] Ƭɦҿ Sɦღρടٳ ツ (theshops): it’s currently only for when the sim is full
    [15:03] Ƭɦҿ Sɦღρടٳ ツ (theshops): which it has been all day 🙁
    [15:03] NessmarketStaff: Ok thank you I will let them all know
    [15:03] Ƭɦҿ Sɦღρടٳ ツ (theshops): Np! thanks for blogging! feel free to link me <3

  10. Why is tmp going all out like that, are they going to release a new body? i remember buying the body for about 5000 1 year ago lol

  11. Exactly Isa i dont see where it says you need the vip group to get the clothing It only says you get freebies and exclusive access Believe me i spended a lot hours there and didnt need any group But it was confusing

  12. If you are new to this brand, I strongly suggest you guys stay away from this store.
    This sale just proves there won’t be any update for this brand’s head & body.
    It will cost you at least 2500LS to get a full functional male tmp avatar.
    Its skins don’t have eyebrows, its head doesn’t work well with the other shops’ mesh eyes..
    Its alpha hud really sucks. No omega system relay to this product either.

    The only thing good about this sale is for those people who already own this mesh body to get some freebies from its boutqiue shop.

  13. So the group is still not needed (even if it suggests it to you). The sale is happening because the owner is retiring. Some are happy with the body, some not 🙂

  14. For me this is still a good deal. I cant afford 2500 body and 5000 catwa. Happy to spend 500 and 500 and some on extras. Plus I have seen some clothing I want to wear and luckily tmp clothing is not rare. I purchased eBody a while back to my big disappointment none of my ebody clothign fits and I still have not found a store that fits. This time at least I know there is fitting mesh clothing out there.

    • 2500 is for male, I don’t know how much you have to spend to make female tmp looks good… They are beautiful products, but NOT BENTO and impossible to have facial expressions. Catwa may be pricey but you can get many free female gift skin/makeup appliers, tmp you probably have to use the only one you bought.

  15. omg i am so exhausted guys to get the freebie clothes you must activate one color at a time. i spent hours in there…… i really hope they think of something more convenient in the future. it was a hard time lol. good night finally and good luck yall.

  16. BE CAREFUL. Got 500L deducted for clicking UNLOCK. BE CAREFUL!! It is NOT clear that UNLOCK means BUY.
    I am writing to try and get my money back. Furious about this.

    • May i Ask what product you unlocked It sounds to me you unlocked a skin or something Unlocking in youre shopping hud meens indeed youre buying the mesh product This store can be confusing thats why it might be important to go read the instruction notices that you can find inside youre shopping hud pack and you can also click the big letters in the store on the wall saying instructions you can find those in every section from the store My advies to people Please do take the time and read the instructions This store is different than others with there own payment and shopping system and requires some knowledge before you get startend

  17. Well….other Meshbodycreators selling Body with Head full bento for 800L at specal sales. So i won’t bother with an old non Bento Body and Head. If you still wear TMP this is okay to get some free stuff (that is normaly totaly overprized), but to start now with an outdated Body and Head that is after years still in beta?

    • Well Some mesh creators do but the most used meshbody,s dont come with a head like Belleza Maitreya Ebody Slink So realy i dont know much great fulltime body mesh stores beside Altamura ( and those arent 800 Lindens unless she has a special offer ) that are selling complete body,s I bougt the body didnt tryed it on yet but 500 for a mesh body is peanuts in sl Also many well named mesh head creators in sl still selling theire static heads around the same price as TMP is doing Its all just a matter of personal taste and the amount you willing and ofcourse able to spend

    • Anonymous, I already have a meshbody and had no intention of buying anything YET. Of course you want to try something before you buy. However, after this mess, I don’t think I’ll be getting anything from that shop if they have signs everywhere that say FREE in big letters and then give all the instructions in notecards. I’m hoping they will refund. Maybe I’ll even go back.

      • it says indeed clearly everything in the boutique is free and it truly is Skins eyes and other attachments wich is in a different area arent and nowhere it says they where free You are very negatieve and i have the feeling you didnt read anything in the store and just assumed everything was free and startend clicking away in the hud

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