Altamura Valentina Limited Full Edition Promo

Altamura Valentina Limited Full Edition Promo
Altamura Valentina Limited Full Edition Promo

Altamura Valentina Limited Full Edition Promo

Great news for all ladies! Altamura is offering a limited edition of the full version of the Valentina Bento body at the Skin fair 2018. The full version has the benefit of the low complexitiy of 11.080. And the best part is, you can get it at a very good price, very affordable, exclusively at the Skin Fair. The special price is an exlusive perk for the Altamura group members. If you want the sale price, you must be a group member. The limited edition of Valentina will only be sold during the Skin Fair and after the end of the fair it will NOT be available at all anymore.

Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group joiner (50 L$ to join):

Altamura Valentina Limited Full Edition Promo
Altamura Valentina Limited Full Edition Promo

What to do:
1) Visit Altamura mainstore. Landmark:
2) keep your VALENTINA demo and
3) join the group Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars (a group joiner is both in this post and in the store).
4) Then visit the Skin Fair 2018. Landmark to the Skin Fair
5) You can now purchase VALENTINA wearing your Altamura group tag at a special price of 300 L$.

Thats it ! Shop happily and enjoy your brand new hawt bodies.
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  1. You probably won’t get far with that. I hear early access had to be vip booked somehow *not sure though just a rumor I head. But what you can do is to join the Skin Fair group and test demos. Prepare for what you would like to shop later.

  2. Just as a clarification to respond to a question , the previously given free Valentina was not a full edition, the one on sale is.

  3. Ok found out tomorrow you can get in, early access ends tomorrow and it becomes regular.

  4. Consider it’s a full version, it accepts Altamura and Omega appliers (you’ll need the Omega Installer).

  5. What’s the point of this body when it has pretty much zero clothing support? They released it about 2-3 years late. I mean which shop (besides its own, Altamura), actually has clothes rigged for this body? None.

  6. how come nobody wants to make altamura clothing. is something wrong with the making of it? i wonder because i purcahsed aggie and i have nothing to wear. and i dont wish to purchase from the altamura store the appliers etc are not to my taste no offense

    • You have a right to your opinion of course. However, there are lots of releases on marketplace that are Omega and the body is Omega compatible. Works fine for me.

      • yes well true but heres the thing i purchased stockings OMEGA from nessmarket actually only to find out omega and altamura dont work properly my socks are not appearing only the stockings part. duh. so yea i wear them on slink now and they are tops. this i have no patience for. i even messaged nessija angry about the bad issue onn altamura, left her a bad review, i am really sorry again ness for that i didnt know the omega wasnt working i thought it was the stocking, i tried like 5 different brands same issue. then slink worked fine out the box lol. so much money spent on the body i purchased a regular priced one a few months ago. jusding by the group chat im not the only person with omega issues. if altamura is reading this please fix the omega stuff cause without omega there is nothign to wear on market, really nothing. for any further purchase and i really liked jenny but wont buy until this trouble is fixed.

  7. The word is (from a couple of my friends, developers) that the Developers Kits are unworkable and the bodies are released fast so that there is no point in even trying, as mesh takes a long long time to create it. Another friend of mine sold clothing for it but after a few bad reviews on fit issues quit on that. I have no idea exactly what is happening, but it seems to be a bit messy.

  8. hi i make makeup and tatooos i did some packs a while back and they didnt sell so i quit. catwa sells, laq sells, maitreya belleza slink sells… so yea im selfish here but i dont wanna create if i cant sell it.. so much work …. i do omega now i think altamura bodies can use it so thats that for me

  9. I have a friend who wears Altamura body and he has difficulties in finding clothes fit for him. He found Gianni size are closest though. So, if youre interested in buying this body, try demo and demo clothes to find which one closest to yours

  10. I’m sure I’m jinxing myself here, but I’ve not had any trouble getting clothing to fit my altamura bodies. your mileage may vary, but I love mine

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