Tons Of Event Gifts Free Group

Tons Of Event Gifts Free Group
Tons Of Event Gifts Free Group

Tons Of Event Gifts Free Group

Attention please: Only until the 21st of April you can visit this event and pick up all the gifts. You are looking for a bag from each participating creator, with the event logo on it. Activate the event group tag to start collecting. On the photos are two of the gifts, from Entice and Noir. All gifts are free. Some of you missed the heels from Noir in a couple of rounds before, they are back now see 🙂

Group: Free to join Redeux VIP

Tons Of Event Gifts Free Group
Tons Of Event Gifts Free Group
Tons Of Event Gifts Free Group
Tons Of Event Gifts Free Group

Group Joiner: secondlife:///app/group/aa6380a3-47e0-fff0-c9ba-534adba4d0e2/about

Location: REDEUX – April 14-21 (, Unbroken Isle (54, 233, 3087) – Adult


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  1. now redeux looks much better with the new setting but gosh is it me or does it lag bad hahah. works though. thanks a bunch for all the gifts. some are fantastic.

  2. There is one thing I have to say and I hope that nobody gets upset with this. I have to say it… Blackjack. Full permissions Flecha meshes at really low prices. I purchased them at full price. Then I went to see the gifts at the event and I was shocked. I feel I wasted my Lindens earlier….I think I have seen a post before about another such sale at Cosmopolitan? Not sure anymore. But I feel upset I paid the full price for those. Now they are at 90% discount or something like that.

  3. full perm mesh for 30 lindens??? omg. how do you not feel sorry for slaving off for dayss to put it 30 lindens????

  4. Pfffft so many times she did this now. She has 35L sales in her store also. I stopped buying from her. I loved that she gives a discount for a new release. But Magissa was at 150L (if you purchase when it is released) and now 30L. This does not seem right to me. There is another post about Cosmopolitan shopping town. 50% off on others. I understand that people have sales in their stores. However, this goes too far. Think about this: if the full perm mesh is sold at 30L, why on earth would you want to purchase from my store at 99L for a pack? Look at this 30L at Redeux.

    • A store named Blackjack selling mesh for prices far below market value. Faaaaaaaaar below. Other stores sell at 250 ++ up to 8500.

  5. Think about the other creators who have customers now that want meshes for L$ 30 or L$ 150. I am one such creator. I look down on this store, because it simply spoils every merchant rotten. Now I have to deal with merchants who expect me to lower prices. I do not understand the marketing behind this or if it is plain generosity. Either way, it is disappointing. I hope this comment is anonymous? I do not know how the blog works. I do not want any trouble. If it is not anonymous please remove it. Thank you.

    • It is anonymous even if you put a name, just dont add your email or web. You can comment without the email or web info, as you already did. We dont ask for registration at all for that reason 🙂

  6. So what? People give gifts and sales all the time. What is the difference? The blog is full of gifts and sales. You visit every day. This is upsetting to you now?

  7. Masha. No. This is about full perms mesh clothes. It goes to merchants. Who then figure they purchased it for only L$ 30, why not spam marketplace with L$ 10 releases or ridiculously huge huds. I am sure you have seen this strategy many times. It takes so much time to create something. It is an insult to see all the prices being driven down like that. From a customer persective I reckon this seems like a good deal for you. You get cheap clothes. But be serious. The cheap clothes you are purchasing are void of any quality. Your marketplace is filled with such “trash”, making it all the more difficult for you to shop properly. You can not expect any serious creator to put much effort into a release for cents on a dollar. This here enables many merchant to follow this default cheap strategy even more. Marketplace is already filled with crap. Why perpetuate that. Sigh.

  8. Just to add one more statement at this point. The gifts you get and the sales you find are promotions. Representing the quality of the store. Almost like a wearable demo to make you try out a merchant. They have value if not spammed. What I was referring to above is different. It has no value other than looking for cheap and cheaper. From both customer and merchant perspectives.

    • Never 🙂 We only promote what stores promote anyway. Just at a much larger range than 1 notice sent out in 1 group. And notices you have to see right then and there, here you can just look through stuff later or with your morning coffee.

      The blog is definitely helping shops, if not immediately, then in the long run for sure. Seen results first hand many times 🙂 One gacha clothing designer who I will not mention here by name, sold 3500 gachas after 1 post. And that was actually menswear even!

      I know the rumour about blogs is that they attract freebie hunters, but we do in fact have many loyal customer personalities here on the blog.

  9. No. Of course not. The blog is promoting the promotions. You try out a gift. You then like the store (hopefully) and become a customer. This drives business UP. NessMarket has driven many business up. Suddenly the name of the store is a name. It means something to you. You find it again, you remember. The clothes are on Google, Facebook and so on. You tell your friends about a gift. Voila, the shop becomes a business. Some merchants however spam gifts. Type gift NOT demo in marketplace and look. Sort by new, even. L$ 1-10. You will find hundreds even from only ONE merchant. If mesh is cheap it enables that behavior. That is the point I am trying to make.

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