Grid Girl Second Life Freebies

Grid Girl Second Life Freebies
Grid Girl Second Life Freebies

Grid Girl Second Life Freebies

Free Gift for this round of the Epiphany from Kaithleens. Grid girl, one color grass. The event has many gifts, simply buy the boxes for zero. Ending soon.

Group: not required

Grid Girl Second Life Freebies
Grid Girl Second Life Freebies

Location: The Epiphany (85, 136, 988) – Moderate


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  1. Where are all the clothes I can actually wear? Everything has butts and boobs popping out of everywhere. I am not a street worker.

  2. The creators create what sells. And as you can see its on the popular posts, so people do like it. We are not forcing anyone to pick up the gifts 😀 😀

  3. When you open marketplace with adult settings on (no particular store mentioned here) it is truly far below the belt what some choose to create and advertise. If you are not at home you have to look around before opening even the start page lol. Perhaps she is referring to that? But doll, it seems to earn people money. It is their prerogative. Still ……. this outfit is not in that category whatsoever, not even close. If you are more body conscious, you can wear this on a beach. But let us not pretend we all go around SL buttoned up to the chin.

  4. What is on marketplace is there because people buy it. Everybody is producing more of whatever sold best. You want a store to make what you like? Buy some of what you like and they will. General business rule. However, this conversation has gone off-topic now, as it does not pertain the outfit of the post at all. The irony is, this blog does not allow adult content at all, so Im not sure what the fuss is all about, as this here is in fact PG rated (not even moderate!). Let us end this conversation here, fashion is always a matter of taste and you will never all agree on the same thing.

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