Your Most Visited Stores Summer 2018

Your Most Visited Stores Summer 2018

Time for a little ranking! On this blog there are always visitor stats running. The statistics have revealed the most visited stores, as in landmarks used, to the following stores. This is all about you and what you liked!

15. Canimal

Canimal Mainstore Free Group Gift Fatpacks

14. Vive Nine

Vive Nine August 2018 Group Gift

13. Miss Jones

MissJones Free Trolley Event Group Gifts

12. LOVE

Free Clothing Hair Fatpacks Limited Time

11. Aron Palen

Maitreya HUD Special Addon Marketplace

10. Breathe

Breathe Fatpack Free Group Gift

9. XXX

Female Bento Head Alice Group Gift

8. Truth

Truth Hair SL Anniversary Freebie

7. Kaithleens

Grid Girl Second Life Freebies

6. Coco

New Release And Group Gift Shoes

5. Fatal Fashion

Complete Outfit Free Gift Second Life

4. Little Bones

LittleBones Free And VIP Hair Goodies

3. Analog Dog

Analog Dog Free Fatpack Hair Gift

2. Seniha

Aroa Fatpack Free Group Gift


And the WINNER this summer was with most landmarks used and visited:

  1. Akeruka

Anniversary Group Gift Maia Bento Head



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    • It is a tool counting landmarks used per post. Not just visits of the post but the actual teleport attempt. Heheh I know some of it is quite surprising but these are the actual stats I usually see and decided to share them. June July August 2018.

  1. If you could release this type of post monthly, it would help stores a lot I think. Think about it. Many of us create gifts, but we actually are unaware of how these are perceived. Would be helpful.

    • You can tell how good your gift is going, by looking at the populars in the sidebar when the post is released. Its pretty accurate alongside with TPs used. But it only accounts for newer posts. You can also help yourself if you have a store with a post here by spreading the post link. Group notices and facebook do excellent. The sidebar posts are not only up there on the top ranking because they have been visited before often, they also stay there for a while because the top ranked ones are the first ones to be visited by people first opening the page on that day. Hope this helps 🙂 The stats I usually keep private because Im not big brother 😀 😀

    • The list is until August. If September was properly included, both Scandalize and Safira would be in it with the hunts now. If thats the store you meant.

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