Maya Group Gift Plus Another 70

Maya Group Gift Plus Another 70
Maya Group Gift Plus Another 70

Maya Group Gift Plus Another 70

Maya from Scandalize, available as a group gift and the group is currently free. Freya, Isis, Hourglass, Maitreya. With HUDs for the dress and the metals. Over 70 gifts / fatpacks are available as group gifts.

Group: (temporary) Free to join !|SCANDALIZE|!

Maya Group Gift Plus Another 70
Maya Group Gift Plus Another 70Maya Group Gift Plus Another 70

Location: SCANDALIZE, SCANDALIZE (169, 83, 33) – Moderate


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  1. I like my Altamura and Tonic bodies. But there never is a gift for those. I am willing to pay to shop. But even then there are rarely any clothes I like. Is there a reason stores always make the same 4 body types fashion? I do not find Belleza attractive at all. Or Slink. Maitreya bores me. I often get very happy to see a dress on the blog I love, only to find out it wont fit me. Sighs.

  2. there was a poll somewhere the lara isis freya hg did best on the polls im guessing thats why those are made often sell more i reckon

  3. would explain the sudden like of isis thatbody nobody was interested much in in the past…im still not those bobbies look like rockets i mena whose bobbies point toward the sky ever hear of gravity mwha

    • Thats not it 🙂 Maitreya is the nightmare you are describing in person and by far the biggest pain haha. I assure you I am speaking from experience in that. (unless you are terrible and autohide everything lol). But let me tell you that, of course every store would love to be able to give you all of the sizes. But that is inhumane towards any original mesh creator. Really inhumane lol. It takes so much time and the resulting payback in Lindens is not enough to cover the hours spent already. Last thing you need is more work then. And every body is a different headache. You have to learn it. And frankly the more sizes you make the less perfect your work becomes and so forth. That hype of releasing new bodies all the time has made it into a ridiculous work amount for any mesh creator. Meanwhile those bodies are made once and done. A clothing store has to keep making, daily, many sizes. See the problem with that? If we all had 1 body, we would all be able to wear everything and create everything.

      • hey we mostly get terrible dev kits to start with adn correcting them takes so much time from every creation!!! on top customers might complain on the fit when what we have to work with is far inferior than it shoud be grrrrrrrrrrrr. that topic gets me wacko. i say back to classic avs!!!!!!!

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