Free Mesh Body And Head GiftSL

Free Mesh Body And Head GiftSL
Free Mesh Body And Head GiftSL

Free Mesh Body And Head GiftSL

Gift from Altamura at the event booth, click on the sock. Estephania full bento body and head. With facial AO, hands AO, physics and more. The gift is free.

Group: Free to join +VERSUS+

Free Mesh Body And Head GiftSL
Free Mesh Body And Head GiftSL

Location: ++++++VERSUS ++++++, Amethyst Cove (155, 158, 23) – Moderate


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  1. Horrible, not worth the L$50 to join group. Textures are bad, pixelated. How can it have such a bad neck line when its their own body, head, and skin?
    But for L$50 group join there is a lot of vendors around to grab up gifts.
    If you want a freebie mesh body go buy the L$1 eBody Curvy. Its made a lot better.
    Just my 2 cents. Take it as a grain of salt if you wish.

  2. I am using the body on my alt not sure what the issue is. My alt is happy with it plus there is clothing that for ebody without having a full version hud is horrible to wear any clothing. My opinion.

  3. What really upset me here is that versus event. Making a group fee for other creators gifts?? Laughable greedy sleezy. Did you learn nothing from the TCF scandal I wonder. Cause your post is like 1000 people you put a fee earn a quick buck now? LAFFS. The gifts that people join your group for belong to creators. You line your pockets with other peoples work. Simply disgusitng. I know I have no say in this. But you should ban that event from this blog.

  4. Ladies I understand if you are unhappy about something, creators create, of course we can not like everything. But that gift was free when it was posted (We have no control here over when people change their fees). Many people were / are interested in a free body. They got their free body and some are happy with it. Giving a body free is generous and should not be a reason for complaint… it did not cost anything at the time. Now: the event put a group fee. Not Altamura, but specifically the event group. That is all that is known. It is up to you to join that group or not. You also have a right to choose another brand to shop from of course. But for 2 years we try to find some gifts mesh heads and bodys, and I assure you, that list is awfully short. Perhaps dont shoo away the ones who do gift. Regardless of weather you take the gift or not, like the gift or not.

  5. nessmarket nobody blames you for showing the gift. i got it free and thanks for it. not my cup of tea so far. but i liked that i can have it for a gift. i had lucybody lol no clothes so whatevs. at least this has some.

  6. Oh well this brand again and their drama. Always tons of unhappy customers. Yeah not the best on the market. Probabbly the customer service that actually blamed ME for a body issue. = DRAMA CAUSE Too bad TMP got the free body removed. I liked it. Should have got it for all my avis.

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