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To be posted on Nessmarket, follow the steps:

  1. Send us in an email your: resident name, store name, URL or Link or Marketplace link you wish to have featured in your post, and a photo (or more than 1, please no more than 5) that represents your post. Email that to [email protected] You are welcome to add any information that you would like to appear in the post that you feel the customers need in your email.
  2. Your post will show up after payment has arrived and as soon as a staff member is ready to release the post. You will be informed of your post going live in an email reply. Please send your payment of 500L to NESSMARKETSTAFF RESIDENT secondlife:///app/agent/e0f1bef5-4dac-4ae9-b387-4ecb7df48331/about

You get the complete ad package: both a post and an additional sidebar ad for optimal traffic.


Nessmarket group gift at the mainstore. Maitreya boots in pink….


Available during December 2018. Group is required and free to join.

Photo attachment to the email.

Example Post when finished:


Attention please: as this is a PG blog the AD photo can not be Adult. However, we do not mind if your location is adult, as long as it has no explicit sexual content.

You can advertise your event, your store, your club, your sim, your blog / website, your social media, your hunt, your designer / blogger searches, your rentals office, your marketplace and more. If you have questions, you can speak with Nessija Resident.

What usually attracts our readers the most: Group Gifts, Hunts, Experiences, Contests / Raffles.

Updated 13 December 2018

Attention please: all custom submissions of posts have been a paid service.

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