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Are You A Group Owner?

Nessmarket has a high web presence and relevance within search engines and social media, based on SEO and Alexa ranking. But inworld promotion is just as important, to let residents know about where to shop in SL. Many residents do nut use media such as Facebook frequently, but they are alert to inworld notices.

Do you own an inworld group and would you like to spread the word about nessmarket? We would appreciate that ! The blogposts are bound by the trademark, but copyrights are only limited, which allows you to post a link into your Second Life group notices. In recent months, nessmarket has become something like a headquaters base point for SL residents’ shopping experience. Please feel free to show them the way to this website, so we can lead more residents back to your shop.

SL shopping is all about traveling and we need to get more inworld airplanes up in the air. If nessmarket posts something you like or your store gift, for example, it would be fantastic if you could share that link in your notices. We all need to work together to get that SL economy back to where it once used to be. Thank you!

Yours, Nessija Resident