Blog Post App

Blog Post App: This is a new feature of nessmarket. You can now publish your blog post on this blog here, to allow the readers to go back and forth between nessmarket and your blog post. Your post will appear on the front page, just like the designer products do. Please read the rules:

  1. This is a family friendly blog. Your pictures can not be lude or nude.
  2. Your photos must be at about the standard of quality you see on other nessmarket photos.
  3. After publication, you must promote your post on nessmarket in your group, social media etc.

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You can:

  1. Feature any blog link of yours, as long as the link does not contain bad language.
  2. Feature any of your posts, as long as the photos are PG.
  3. Feature any product, no matter if it is a free or priced product photo.

Once you have submitted your request, please wait for nessmarket to proof read your post and your photo. What we need from you is: your photo, your text and your blog link. The post will look similar to designer posts: Title, text, photo and finally your blog link. Should you not pass review, Nessija Resident will send you an email to inform you why.

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