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Attention: At the moment some people are experiencing difficulties with the form. Should there be an error, please send your inquiry directly to nessaja1982@gmail.com 

Designer App: Are you a designer or a store owner? Would you like to publish your new release, sale, gift, freebie or any part of your store on this blog? Please fill out the form below. Send your store in for review. As soon as you send the form, myself (Nessija Resident) or a blog representative will stop by your store within the next 24 hours.

You can publish anything from your in world or marketplace store, but please make sure to uphold the guidelines of the family friendly (PG or moderate content) blog with your pictures. Landmarks leading to adult locations / clubs / malls are generally allowed, however publication heavily depends on the layout of your store to not be completely inappropriate in terms of content. Example of non-PG photos for website according to Google Safe Search: undies, lingerie, nudity, bikinis. We don’t mind adult sims but your models in your photos must be appropriately dressed.

You CAN submit gifts from groups that are not yours, for example SLF&O, Maitreya Maniacs, MGSN etc.

How often can I sumit a new release or gift of mine?

You can do so once per day. Please make sure to promote the post too once it is published (your group, social media…). We need to cooperate to make this work.

My store was not published. It did not pass the review. Why is that?

You will always be informed why your store did not pass review via email. The most common reasons are: blurry or low quality photographs (blog photos must exceed 700x700px in height and width), inappropriate content, content attempting to manipulate or cheat a resident, content non-compliant with SL 2017 quality standards, broken mesh or inadequately designed applier fashion. Having demos in the store is not mandatory, however nessmarket prefers publishing priced designs with DEMOs. Please be aware that without demos, the customers may hesitate to visit you. The quality review process goes for everything including gifts. Just because something is free it cannot be below the quality standards. Usually you are informed by e-mail why the post was not approved.

Getting an error when submitting the form?

The server connection may be interrupted on rare occasions due to high traffic. When people visit the blog all at once or more than 1000 landmarks are activated per hour our capacity may be exhausted for a few minutes. If this happens please send your request directly to me nessaja1982@gmail.com but please make sure to include your photo link and landmark, so I can visit your location and post your release. Submitting the form is safer, as all app requests are landing on my priority list. So this would be the just-in-case solution only.

My store is new. Can I still submit a gift or promo?

Sure you can. However, we highly recommend that you have something more to show. Visitors will be expecting to see more than one thing. Promoting an empty store is not in your best interest.

What else besides new releases, sales and gifts do you publish?

Photo studios, blogger searches and ads, blog posts, photo contests, parties, beautiful sims, special occasion events, charity, hunts, sales events, stores that are on marketplace only or inworld only and much more. Send it in and let me see if I can publish. You have nothing to lose. Don’t be shy to try. Again PG rules on ad photos apply. We may visit your store randomly, but it is in your best interest to submit your form, to let us know about what you would like us to publish.

I have submitted a form once. Do I need to submit my next gift / release / sale etc again?

Yes. We do not host only specific stores in a list, as it is usually done in SL groups and on SL blogs. To have a fair process and to give everyone the opportunity to be published, we just need you to complete the form. Also, have featured more than 2500 stores on this blog. It is impossible to keep up with every store’s updates. We therefore need you as a store owner to update us. Submitted stores also move up our publishing list, prioritized before our randomly visited stores.

I have a flash / 24 hours / short time offer. Can this be published?

Yes. Just make sure to send it in one day early if possible, so we can publish it the second your sale etc begins. We recommend you give our readers at least three days to catch up on a post though. Many do not have the opportunity to be online daily.