Designers Make A Wish NM Custom Requests

Designers Make A Wish NM Custom Requests

I have been getting quite a few requests for fabric and clothing textures. And I love working with you, to create what you need for your store and your designs. I was thinking that maybe some of you designers would like to be able to express your wishes. Therefore, I have created this post. You can always come here and comment with your custom order wish. I will do my best to keep up with the requests. Usually, after a couple of days you should see your request listed on marketplace. Comment below what you are looking for. Is it fabric? Is it clothing textures (please mention the mesh model name or number)? Or other kinds of textures?

You can comment anonymously, I do not need your name. As the creations are listed on public marketplace, the custom orders do not require you to pay any more than anyone else or to order to any specific name. Of course, you can always also ask a question or give me feedback. Perhaps other residents have the same wishes as you do, so feel free to state them and your opinion if you like. Or just comment on anything you like, but concerning the Nessmarket Store (not blog).

Yours, Nessija Resident

Marketplace store (your requests will be listed here):

Inworld Store:

Inworld stores extend a 20% store credit. The mainstore and our satellite store at The Grab event. No group tag required. To check your credit, click on any inworld vendor to request the information. If you are ordering EXCLUSIVES, please IM Nessija Resident directly.


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  1. Can I ask for anything? How do I know if you can make it? I want this GV21808 GV Swimsuit and this FLECHA Iris Fitted Dress Fullperm. Your style, no particular design. I love what you do as is. Love the plastic look and your lace and pastels. I am not sure if any of these design styles would work well with the meshes. But please try when you have time. I am in no rush.

    • You will know if I can make it when you see it on marketplace 🙂 I can though. George Verde and Flecha goes smoothly. See you soon!

  2. Did you stop making textures for BYCRASH? If so please continue. I have the new gown Vcut and I am in need of a nice set. I am not happy with what I see at various marketplace stores at this point. Very gothic… very below the belt cheap redlight zone wear. I want elegant. Silk maybe. Pastels even. I am not in a hurry. I can wait. But I want to use the model in my store and I can’t like this. The original textures do not look like silk to me either. The shadow at the bottom is a bit odd. More like stepping into a pool of mud. I need something clean when you have time. I mean this one

    • Sure no problem. I didn’t stop, the orders coming in were just mostly MI and GV. I assume because they both had a sale. People filled their inventories 🙂 I already have the gown, so you will see something for it soon!

    • Yeah I know really funny to be accused of stealing your own texture pack 😀 In any case, hence the demo. I figured I will turn nasty reviews into a gift for you all and into a demo for the texture customers. Tadaaa happiness served. You can wear this like a gift, no demo written on it. But only 2 days, cause after that this is a designer exclusive, not a Nessmarket gift.

  3. HiHi I am looking for fishnets transparent as fabrics. I already have all your sets. But I need more. Could you add some when you have time? I am in no particular rush. Please no hurry. I know how busy you are. Thank You kindly.

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