Nessmarket Group For Creators / Store Owners VIPs group rules:

1. MM boards and gifts can be posted if the store has been accepted before once on nessmarket blog. You can use the search tool on the blog to see if the store is allowed If your store has been featured before on the blog in ANY post, you can post the MM board in our group chat. Store owners CAN post their own MM boards. We do allow self-promotion. But only in chat. If you wish to have notice rights you MUST provide a group gift for the Nessmarket group.

2. External links (links to anything outside of Second Life inworld, such as blog, social links and marketplace links) can only be posted within Group Notices from Nessmarket staff and Store owners with Notice rights. If you do not have notice rights, you can not post any links except landmarks.

3. No location with sexual display, no violence, no racism, or pornography.

4. Malls, Adult sims are fine as long as (3) is respected.

5. NO breedables / rentals / gambling / club ads. Vehicles / AOs / Events are fine.

6. If you wish to have notice rights you MUST provide a group gift for the Nessmarket group. Your notice can be about sales, new releases, event and store promotions, gifts, lucky letters, hunts, MM boards, inworld and marketplace products.
Please limit your self promo to twice a day. Anything more will be considered spam.
A. To designers: If your store is prohibited from being posted in the chat, please submit a gift info (photo + landmark) to the blog. I cannot guarantee that it will be accepted, as we have minimum quality standards. But we will try to accommodate you.

B. Events: To send notices you must be a sponsor of the Blog. Meaning you must rent a sidebar ad space.

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